Three Plumes Matches Falls For Flattery


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but who would want to flatter matches? That is the question on the lips of every man, woman and informed child on the island of Trinidad and Tobago today. Some say it’s a plot by the manufacturer to get publicity while others worry about the TT$ 418 million used to enhance the Airport for stupid reasons. However, most were troubled by Chris Gayle’s sudden lack of form and the Prime Minister’s passion for spitefulness. When the news of the counterfeit matches surfaced the nation almost panicked with two citizens refusing to strike that potentially unsafe yellow box to light their four-burner flame thrower that Courts couldn’t fix.

three_plumes_matches_500Three Plumes Matches, a Trinidad and Tobago icon, like Crix, Carib, and Kiss Cake, is being copied by unknown criminals proving the match industry is more lucrative than anybody suspected and possibly even as lucrative as building the Torouba Stadium. It is still unclear if Swinger and Flame, also made by Trinidad Match Limited, have become victims this crime of flattery. Citizens are hoping the police will dispatch a team to strike at the very heart of this latest offensive by criminals before all goes up in flames again.

Things TriniI think this is just the tip of the fire stick and more counterfeits will surface. Soon these unpatriotic criminals will be baking counterfeit Kiss Cakes with less sugar, brewing the Man’s Beer in brown bottles and peddling Crix with fewer holes. Our identity is being threatened and the criminals now appear to be in a free-for-all mode, kicking the nation at will and in its matchbox.

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