PM PM Finds a Loophole in La Brea


PM PM is being driven in his black, number-plateless, Benz into La Brea to cut some ribbon or turn some switch to mark the start of the construction of the  power plant for the aluminum smelter when he got a shock of his life. It is the loophole he always wanted and immediately calls AG JJ.

JJ “Yes PM PM”

PM PM “Ent yuh hah to be from La Brea to protest the smelter?”

JJ “Duh! Everybody know dat”

PM PM “Well boy, ah hah ah surprise for yuh. I ain see a sole from La Brea an ah know a La Brea citizen wen ah see one. All dem protesters from somewhere else.”

JJ “Yuh wan tuh geh dem arrested. Ah goe call de Immigration people now, now. Dem feel is only passport we paying dem for. It aint hah no DPP in dat, yuh know.”

PM PM “Nut yet. Ah seeing cameras and one or two ah dem damn bloggers”

JJ “We go arrest dem too. Anybody who hurt yuh feelings ah go lock up. Ah pissing mad now. Hole mih back!”

PM PM “Cool it JJ, like yuh had pent up hostilities in London boy. Is ah good thing ah had yuh released.”

JJ “Ah bad ah tell yuh! I luve yuh too much master. If yuh ask mih to bite them ah go ask yuh which cheek.

PM PM “Good boy. Good boy. Look, I going to tell them reporters like it is. We billing this smelter for La Brea and not the country. Leh we see how dey goe argue that. Is one set ah dunce in them papers yes.”

JJ “Yuh aint hah tu tell me about dunce!”

Megan Fox Sex Symbol Revealed


Megan Fox become a sex symbol seconds after she opened the bonnet of  the old, yellow, American car that was overheating in the movie Transformers. This bonnet-opening scene has since become a classic and permanently featured in the dreams of those fabled creatures called decent men. It was also the scene which pushed Angelina Jolie from the top of the sex symbol list and to get a tattoo upgrade. There were no special effects or cryptic back tattoos in that scene but only raw, sensual curves shot from all the right angles.  If there was ever an ad to promote sex symbolism it would be the Megan Fox Transformer overheating engine scene and nothing to do with Angelina Jolie’s back . I would argue that Transformers was successful only because of the hot Megan Fox and not because of the guy who also starred with her. His name fails me right now.

megan-fox-bra-wet-03For a girl to become a sex symbol there must be consensus by the mass media and especially by that new mass media called blogs.  Fortunately, this blog overwhelmingly votes for Megan Fox, not only to be a sex symbol, but to be the #1 sex symbol of 2009 and constantly in my wildest dreams.

I don’t think there is any one reason why the masses find Megan Fox sexy but certainly her easy to read tattoos help. Some women have their sex appeal enhanced by tattoos while others turn to body piercings and silicone. I would estimate that 90% of a woman’s sex appeal she is born with and 10% comes from highlighting the natural 90% on the screen, in night clubs, on the beach and in blogs. The paparazzi and blogs have contributed in a big way to the popularity of the modern celebrity and “leaked” photos and sex tapes have become part of the hype building.Megan-Fox

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