Drag Me to Hell – Movie of the Year

drag_me_to_hell_posterDrag Me to Hell might be what the average citizen thinks the politicians  are doing to them right now but it is really marks Spiderman’s director, Sam Raimi, return to the horror genre. Drag Me to Hell is one of the best movies I have seen in years and yet has no nudity, but it does have cat sacrifice implied. The movie is classified as horror and thriller but it is also a very funny movie. The MPAA in the US has rated Drag Me to Hell as PG-13 for sequences of horror, terror, disturbing images and language but I thought they were talking about Pro Max’s recent performance.

Yes, Drag Me to Hell is hilarious but it is not for those with a high coronary risk factor or afraid of being afraid.  The movie has most of the ingredients for a good modern horror- a fly, a cat, a curse, a pretty girl, a goat, and a cutlass. Drag Me to Hell gets an A+ for entertainment value but it also gets an A for lessons learnt. Two of the most important lessons people will take from this movie are obvious ones – (a) always give old gypsy women an extension on their mortgages and (b) if you have to dig up a grave at night during a thunderstorm, make sure you have the right envelope.

If you don’t spill popcorn or Coke on the head of the person in the seat in front of you a few time during the movie, and laugh while doing it you should seriously considered seeing a good undertaker.

Enjoy The Show!

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5 thoughts on “Drag Me to Hell – Movie of the Year

  1. …you should seriously consider seeing a good undertaker. 😀

    I don’t usually do horror; too much of it in the news for me to pay good money for more. You make this sound appealing, though. Can’t be any more disturbing than the Pro Max speedo image you’ve branded on my brain. o-o

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