Fast, Fun and Naked

beyonce-the-birth-of-venus-angelo-thomasThere are little things  I do, or don’t do, which make me feel better about myself. Things like drinking WASA water instead of Blue Water, reluctantly eating oatmeal instead of aloo pie, reading Richard Dawkins instead of Ted Haggard, and gladly buying The Guardian instead of The Newsday. I hope doing these things would lead to happiness, fun, and less traffic.

To have fun people must feel safe but it is difficult to feel safe in some locations in Trinidad and Tobago because of the increase in gun crime and food poisoning. Ever Since Sampson Nanton went on CNC3 and showed us roadside vendors dripping sweat over barbecue chicken, probably to add that unique flavor and competitive edge, I am scared of fast food and St. James. I will never forgive Sampson Nanton for that. Roadside fast food can still be fun but you have to be hungry and drunk first. I once asked a doubles vendor why there was a strand of hair in my aloo pie he said his wife was balding. He missed the point and offered extra chutney to hide the taste of the Pantene Pro V Shampoo.

A good part of a better life for a man is having fun, money, health and a nude woman with a decent body, all at the same time. There is a suggestion that there might be a correlation between having fun with a naked woman and a man’s happiness but men have been trying unsuccessfully for years to prove this correlation wrong.  I think scientist are on the verge of discovering that a naked woman is the only thing men live for and to suggest there is more is simply a pathetic attempt to sound like Oprah.


The words nude and naked are synonyms but in the real world they mean different things. Ask a woman to get nude and she is likely to pose like a renaissance model under a 10 watt light after dinner. Ask a woman to get naked she would probably go home with dessert.

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12 thoughts on “Fast, Fun and Naked

  1. You real funny…
    LOL – hair in doubles and he answer…

    I try my best to look for the ones that have hat, gloves, and a sidekick collecting the money, but then I study, what they kitchen look like, if they clean…it have some real nasty people, but you will never knw cause when they step out to sell they clean. 😦

    I stop eating snow-cone after I saw where the snow-cone man was coming from…I dont want to say the area to offend anybody…but I never eat snow-cone again.

    And stick to your WASA water it way better than the bottle waters…I got to of tour of one WASA water site, and they do not make joke with the water cleaning process at all.

  2. LOL St. James is a great place man. Don’t be scared 😉

    A friend of mine was home on vacation and decided to buy some doubles in Sando. He ordered about 5 and while the 3rd one was being prepared, a bird (with nothing better to do or sent by God to expose the doubles vendor) flew overhead and sharted right into the container of channa.

    Mr. Doubles Vendor calmly scooped and flung the shart out and continued preparing the doubles, even asking my friend if he wanted pepper. My friend just canceled his order and walked away.

    Thankfully for me, I ended my relationship with road food years ago. I have to be really hungry and desperate, and even then, I at least look for a food badge and food that is being prepared in front of me.

  3. Enne…nah I doh believe he continue serving…maybe the doubles vendor did not see the bird poop in the channa…LOL…girl you make me not want to eat doubles when I come home and that is one of the first thing when I touch down….

    These are my doubles stop:
    D Queza (can’t spell it – san juan by american standard–it still have american standard???)
    Lopinot corner

  4. LOL LOL LOL….Whatever you need to tell yourself so you can eat your doubles in peace, but I kid you not.

    I never had doubles from the Croisee (French origin) or Lopinot, but I know the latter has to be good because I’ve seen people lined up in their numbers waiting to buy.

    You can try Sauce in Curepe and UWI doubles when you come home again. They are both delicious…and sanitary (UWI at least…can’t vouch for what goes home by Sauce lol) 🙂

    • UWEE sanitary? I need to find dem cockroach and rat pics… yuh ever see them prepare the flour for the bara… concrete structure doh make it sanitary… worse than Sauce they next too a ravine…

  5. What you don’t know can hurt especially if you don’t know about bird droppings.

    I also look for hat, gloves, and white shirt buttoned all the way up to hide the chest hair – male or female, it doesn’t matter. But the secret is in the sauce, people would say, but I never expect the sauce to have bird droppings or sweat.

    I hardly buy doubles but when I do I buy from Ken’s in Curepe. I don’t venture too far from home for doubles.

    • Ken is d spot fuh real… but some ah dem.. like Georges in Woodbrook… need to wear long sleve shirt… either that or shave he arms…

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    • You know what I was doing when I read your comment…you know how I feeling now…not even Sunday lunch could save me now…you sure it wasn’t toe nail clippings 🙂

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