Wordtryst – Liane Spicer – Book Giveaway

cafe-au-lait-700Wordtryst – Liane Spicer is doing a book giveaway on her blog. To enter is easy and the first thing you have to do is click this link. She is giving away one book a week over the next seven weeks. The idea is to help clear bookshelves and keep them from bending even more. Liane Spicer is the author of the popular and scenic novel, Café Au Lait and the amazing blog, Wordtryst.

2 thoughts on “Wordtryst – Liane Spicer – Book Giveaway

  1. akalol, you’re a darling – and I’m SO going to raid your bookshelf! 🙂 CaL is in great company!

    I love Dave Barry (get his columns in my inbox every Monday morning from the Miami Herald); Barack is on my TBR list, as is Dorian Gray (I’ve been hearing about this book for so many years – can’t understand why I haven’t read it yet); Siddhartha is one of my old favourites and it’s in a box in a closet at the moment; Dog is also on my TBR list… You’ve got good stuff!

  2. From the photo, the only one I haven’t read is the Wilde but I got it at RIK at at good price so my motivation is not that high 🙂 But I will also read it one day.

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