Cuba and Democracy – Who is Afraid of Hugo Chavez?


Part of a full page ad that appeared in the Trinidad Express today, April 18 2009

So the issue is not whether democracy is good for the economy but whether it’s good for the people.  Exclusion didn’t bring democracy and freedom to the people so maybe inclusion will. But should Cuba be included if it fails to move towards democracy? What do the Summit leaders say? What does Chavez really want?  What does China think?  Why did Ortega take so long to say nothing? If only the region was run by a few good leaders…forever.

Who is afraid of a little dictatorship? Some leaders are not.

Global Signature Campaign in Support of Democracy Movement in Cuba

Is Chavez as good as he looks?

Is Chavez as good as he looks? - Another full-page ad in the Trinidad Express today, 18th April 2009


10 thoughts on “Cuba and Democracy – Who is Afraid of Hugo Chavez?

  1. we all have our own agendas…

    after reading some of those things TrinBago may need rescuing from PM PM!

    OH and Ortega got up on his Soapbox to make BO wait a lil extra to speechify… cause BO jumped the line at Piarco and made him wait on the Tarmac :-S

  2. oh gosh …. Ortega was pissin me off ….. I had time fall asleep ….. dream a few dreams ….. get up ….. eat …… bathe ….. an’ he still talkin ….. I doh understand why dey didn’t jus play de ‘wrap it up’ music (a la de grammys) on him ….. de man was long and drawn out and borin …. and all in spanish too ….. but his interpreter had meh laughin tho …. talk about an animated interpretation ….. she was real kix ….. but other than Ortega …..

    What did PM PM mean when he said that Obama was “the first of his kind” …… cringe …… “his kind?????” …… cringe again!

    …. and as we on de topic of de Opening Ceremony ….. whey dey find Tony Prescott ….. and Arrow???

    ….. and oh gorm ….. where Brian Mc Farlane come out from ….. de man is ah borse ….. dat was one borse show!!!

  3. Bandi, Obama made reservations so he didn’t have to wait. Smart move 🙂

    Scene, I don’t know what “his kind ” but I may address that in my next post. Brian Mc Farlane is damn impressive. Thankfully they didn’t bring Cro Cro 🙂

    Chennette, Liane I now have a sudden urge to see Motorcycle Diaries

  4. Does anyone know where one can find additional video coverage especially of the welcoming cermony? We hardly got diddly squat here in the States but that is US media for you. Ortega is a hoot.

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