Obama – Trinidad and Tobago – First Thoughts


From the fictitious diary of President Obama:

April 17th 2009

The trip to Mexico was eventful. We promised to use less illicit drugs and Mexico promised to export less gardeners. I am now on my way to sunny Trinidad and Tobago and can’t wait to see the Hyatt.

I am flying over Trinidad in Air Force One and the place looks a bit hazy. There are pockets of smoke coming from various parts of the country but my Secret Service agents tell me it’s nothing to worry about and the smoke is either due to bush fires or bad roads. Apparently Trinidad and Tobago hasn’t discovered how to tell if a road is bad without smoke signals or how to remove dry bush after CEPEP cuts it. They seem to be an innovative people and plan to export bush cutting know-how to supplement their economy. I wish them luck.

helicopter-and-blimp3The People of Trinidad and even Tobago want to see me, which is quite understandable considering their dull politicians. I can overrule the Secret Service but I read about Mr. Big and the exploding dustbins, and how he managed to escape even the very clever PM PM and his Mighty Blimp. I am a bit concerned for my safety because this wild man is still on the loose. That is why I told Michelle maybe she should sit this one out.

I can see a few tall buildings, the Great Beetham Wall and Hugo waving a red flag. Port of Spain looks good from this angle but there are wires hanging everywhere.  I wonder if they managed to round up the homeless and hide them from the international press. This was so Third World, the cleaning up for the Summit but denying it wasn’t so. Only a Banana Government would act this foolish. I wonder if there is going to be any protest but I don’t think a semi-dictatorial leader would allow something as democratic as protests to take place during an international event. It would make them look even worse.

tall-buildingsI have to buckle up as the flight attendant is now getting quite pushy and insist I switch off all electronic devices and put my tray table up. I am a bit concerned about the runway and I hope the stereo in The Beast wasn’t interfered with. I know I shouldn’t worry  but as one Blogger said, in Trinidad and Tobago anything is possible.

11 thoughts on “Obama – Trinidad and Tobago – First Thoughts

  1. Don’t worry Bamamama, Mr. Big has almost died the death of most fictional characters who aren’t used very often in the main story line, I think his part has actually been thrown into the jurisfiction dustbin. Its a good thing you told Michelle to stay at home though cause as the PM PM said in his blog hopefully it would convince Hazel to stop wearing sleeveless tops and dresses.

  2. Ent?

    Btw, word on the street is that the homeless read newspapers too and they disappeared into thin air well in advance, leaving a hurriedly scrawled message on the notice board in Tamarind Square: “Back on Monday”.

  3. oh gorm ah love it ….. and good shot bro …. of de blimp and de helicoper!

    and yes Liane ….. apparently dey tink de homeless dotish ….. an’ cyah read …..

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  5. blue, I think Mr. Big and The Dustbin Bombs should be made into a movie – based of actual events, of course 🙂

    Liane and scene, the homeless probably have more integrity than those who wish to move them – maybe even more intelligence 🙂

    Aby, we are having too much fun but it will soon be back to reality.

    Thanks again, Janine. I think humor is serious stuff 🙂

    Bandi, next time I will twitter-tweet 🙂

    mauvaislangue, thanks 🙂

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