Air Force One – Over Trinidad


Air FOrce One - First Attempt at Landing Aborted

Air Force One - First Attempt at Landing Aborted

trinidad-and-tobago-blimpAir Force One makes its approach to land at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad and Tobago. The first attempt at landing was aborted by Air Force One.

The Blimp also stared at this photographer for a few seconds but the high-tech air bag was unable to determine if the photographer was a security threat or even good looking.

16 thoughts on “Air Force One – Over Trinidad

  1. Hey, Chennette, how is life in HK 🙂

    Bandi, I used a 300mm Sigma zoom but I probably used it at 230mm.

    scene, thank you very much 🙂

    Liane, Chennette, Bandi I wasn’t in a tree, I was at home and zooming in. I even had a face-to-face confrontation with the Blimp – see attached photo 😉

    Blue, it’s nice to be above ground level since I could maco real good 😉

    mauvaislangue, no probs.

  2. I am now back in Guyana, for now. Hong Kong is a great city to visit. Gleaming and clean, tall buildings, Chinese yet cosmopolitan, and British in parts. Just hated the return journey. Almost done uploading pix to Flickr.
    That blimp was focused on you boy. I’d be worried…

  3. I will check out most of the pictures later but what I have seen so far are quite god. You need to update your blog 🙂

    The Blimp didn’t dip then stayed looking at me until I pointed my zoom directly at them. Maybe they have some good shots of aka_lol which was sent to the CIA/FBI/TTIA to determine the next level of action. I think people are allowed to blog from jail.

  4. sure, with appropriate censorship – you need to start working on a code from now so we know what you saying.

    yeah, I know, haven’t blogged in months…long story, no internet, moved house etc. First step – actually keeping up with OTHER bloggers, especially the ones who running security risks!

  5. I hope never to be known as the fugitive blogger so as not to arouse suspicion I have decided the best code to hide the truth is “funny English.”

    Did the HK restaurants have pets on their menu 🙂

  6. I was in the area. How many times did that blimp (and the two helicopters) go back and forth in the general area?
    Whole day was a humming blimp; and at one time I thought that it was being buffeted by high winds. I did entertain thoughts of what would happen if it deflated and fell. I do admit.
    My gosh!
    What were they expecting? Missile launchers hiding in the hills?

  7. Helicopters were flying over the house all day and the blimp thought a zoom lens could shoot down Presidential Jets. All this was a lot of nonsense which will be repeated soon.

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