Trinidad and Tobago Newspaper Price Increase


The Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, Express, and Guardian newspapers are due to increase their price by an astronomical one hundred percent or to two dollars. The increase is being blamed on the increase in the cost of everything, especially newsprint and journalist. This is the first price increase for the Newsday since 1993, and for the other two, since 1999, but the public doesn’t really care too much. This newspaper price increase wasn’t sudden and it all started some weeks ago with a little article in the Guardian about the price of newsprint. This blog was also way off in its newspaper price increase prediction.

I agree that everything in Trinidad and Tobago gone up and with sources of advertising revenues disappearing except for full page ads by Government institutions defending their incompetence, and banks and insurance companies declaring their stability and intelligence, the price of newspapers will have to go up. For a short time, like two years, people will be more selective in their choice in newspapers and it will be nasty out there come April 13th 2009. The headlines are going to have to be even more sensational, ridiculous, and misleading – the public can’t wait.

The newspaper industry was the first to realize people judge by covers and that not only applied to books, and other people, but also to newspapers. With the price increase, headlines will have to convince buyers there is substance and sensation within. Nobody wants to know what Patrick Manning drinks all day but everybody is interested in what Obama snacks on. We are captivated by Obama but upset and even nauseated by Manning. The newspapers will have to give the public what the public wants and the public doesn’t want nausea.

Of the three daily newspapers, the Newsday, the youngest Trinidad and Tobago newspaper, is the most intelligent followed by the Express. The Guardian, the oldest newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago, is desperately trying to sound as intelligent but has to settle for color photos for now. Even at two dollars, I would buy the Newsday and possibly the Express, but I will have to think three times before buying a Guardian. As the newspaper vendor said, The Guardian is what people buy when the rest sell out.