Fast and Furious – Loose Women, Tight Jeans


The latest installment of the movie, Fast and Furious is due to open in Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday with the same name as the original; Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious has developed a cult following and has helped promote the pimp-my-ride culture all over the world except in countries where flogging is the better part of the law.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Fast and Furious is based on the good guys with biceps, tight jeans, flawless faces and bosoms-to-kill getting involved in cracking a heroin ring rather than modeling or lap dancing. The movie is all about fast cars and the fast car culture but pretends to be about high morals. In Trinidad and Tobago it breeds night creatures with a lifestyle that involves lawlessness, alcohol, drugs, sex and looses women in tight jeans. Some say loose women are better than tight women but there is no scientific evidence to prove this. But I digress… The owners of these pimped rides are usually the unruly children of well to do people who pamper their offspring and fund the pimped car lifestyle. Serious minded children of serious minded parents are too busy getting a real education from a real educational institution to worry about extractors and big breast.  The serious minded children do not sleep till 4:00 pm and leave home at 8:00 pm with a pimped out ride and woman.

car-show-girlThe ride pimping culture is not all bad and the creativity in both car and women modification is to be admired. Car and women owners envy each other and constantly work on their paint jobs, flare kits, woofer size and hem lines to continuously impress the mindless crowds.

hot_girlOverall, I think the Fast and Furious culture is dangerous and though the movies might be highly entertaining in a useless sort of way, it can do teens and young adults no good.  The movie is a poor attempt to show the imaginary good side of a bad thing.

8 thoughts on “Fast and Furious – Loose Women, Tight Jeans

  1. “…highly entertaining in a useless sort of way…” – Absolutely.

    I’ll confess right up front: I thoroughly enjoyed The Fast and the Furious. High performance cars doing what they do best, attractive people being attractively bad and flouting authority – these make for a great fantasy and provide that sweet adrenaline rush. (And Paul Walker makes for some great eye candy. Naughty, pretty boys – my Achilles heel. :))

    That said, even while I’m watching these movies I can’t avoid the realization that I’m not the target audience. The target audience, like my teenage nephew, generally have no clue that they’re mortal beings, that the stuff they see in movies is seldom ‘real’, their protestations to the contrary, and that yes, you can play the *** but there are consequences. So I agree completely with your assessment: this is dangerous stuff.

    (You and Kevin B. – will you ever get past the loose-women-tight-jeans fixation? Okay, don’t answer that. It’s a chromosome thing.)

  2. Sicer is the lisp version of Spicer and a spicer is someone who spices 🙂

    I never looked at an entire Fast and Furious movie because it had no appeal outside of the modified women. Drag racing and senseless driving by young people is getting ridiculous and only on Monday evening there were two cars racing up the hills of Mt. St. Benedict with complete disregard for the evening walkers. They were some pretty dotish boys.

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