Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Sometimes, when the world around you seems to have no integrity and the insane lives in mansions while the greedy sails in yachts, there comes a bright spot. Sometimes that bright spot can appear as Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto in a short dress at the Directors Guild Awards.

When a man sees  a pair of female legs at the end of a short skirt the man is prone to stare at the legs for longer than what is considered socially acceptable.  Unfortunately, apart from becoming a priest, there is no known cure for this affliction.

To a man, the female leg is not overrated but a necessity and that is why those Slim-Fast women who visit the gym and perform three sets of squats, with ten reps each set, using heavy weights, three days a week are  a blessing to all mankind.


note: The mini skirt was invented decades ago by a man with a dream and a need, and not during the great cloth shortage of the 50s. Ever since this breakthrough in fashion science the mini skirt has remained at least 8 inches above the knee, in style and in demand.

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