Trinidad Carnival in Pictures

The best and only way to look at this Trinidad Carnival slideshow is in HQ (High Quality). If the video image quality doesn’t look HQ just click the HQ button on the lower right pop-up button on the YouTube video. The HQ button only seems to be available after the video starts to play. HQ mode requires more bandwidth so it take longer to load but the difference in video quality is drastic and worth the wait.

Naturally, the photographs that appear on the slideshow were taken by me and also appear on that Trinidad and Tobago Photo Website oddly named

6 thoughts on “Trinidad Carnival in Pictures

  1. Strange music ….. but some of the pics are very interesting …. as in ….. the actual costumes ….. makes we wanna dress up in one 🙂 …… nice slide show ……

  2. i personally liked the music… it caters to the touristas and what they assume tropical island life would sound like…

    Byron Lee was great at capturing the Caribbean…

  3. I stumbled on this song (Cashbox) about three years ago and became hooked. I am not sure if it is a Byron Lee original but the melody is soothing, which Carnival can be.

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