Our Choice of Death

The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours

Gumby said he nearly got a heart attack three times that night. The first was when the bandit pointed a gun at him, the second happened when the bandit couldn’t start Gumby’s car and the third was after the bandit offered to shoot Gumby. I was amazed how calm Gumby seemed telling me all this but he got angry when I told him I was surprised he didn’t get a real heart attack because he was fifty pound overweight.

Gumby didn’t seem to mind a man pulling a gun on him but he hated people telling him about his weight. Gumby is like so many people who would prefer to criticize the Government on the lack of health services instead of losing weight and jogging round the local KFC car park. There are those who think smoking is cool and the state should provide quick-responding paramedics and ashtrays.  Drinking can induce a feeling of happiness and the look of stupidity simultaneously but its effects over time can overstress hospitals and make doctors wealthy. Our diet and lifestyle play an important part in determining who ends up under a nurse’s care and who ends up under a nurse at night.

Criticizing the state of health care is legitimate but not while you are on your third doubles or fried chicken leg. Criticizing the ambulance service for slow response is valid but less so when the paramedics could smell alcohol ten feet from the victim. Taking responsibility for our health doesn’t free the Government from providing proper services but by having to spend less on health care the Government can have more to spend on overpriced stadiums and gas-guzzling SUVs. Not withstanding Government’s neglect of its citizens we should remember that Governments come and Governments go, but your health is not on sale.

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