Trinidad Bat Facts

Trinidad Bat

Trinidad Bat

  • Trinidad has more types of bats than any other country
  • There are 1,100 species of bats worldwide and these accounts for 70 percent of mammal species
  • There are 100 species of mammals in Trinidad and Tobago of which 60 are bats
  • The Tamana Caves, located in the Tamana Hills in Trinidad has a bat population between 500,000 to 3 million bats.
  • A type of vampire bat – Desmodus Rotundus Rotundus – is found in Trinidad
  • Vampire bats feed on the blood of animals and sometimes humans
  • Less than 0.5% of bats carry rabies
  • Dr Joseph Lennox Pawan, a Trinidadian medical doctor, was the first to discover that the rabies virus was transmitted by bats. He made the discovery in 1931.
  • Bats have very small teeth and can bite a sleeping person without being felt.
  • One bat can consume 4,800 insects a night
  • Bats disperse seeds and pollinate fruits which make bats vital for the survival of the rain forest
  • The local legend of the of the blood-sucking Soucouyans was probably based on vampire bats
  • It is unclear what characteristic of the bat influenced Bruce Wayne in becoming Batman
  • Vampire movies have given bats a bad name
  • Some Trinidadian girls look bloody good dressed in vampire bat costumes at Carnival time

9 thoughts on “Trinidad Bat Facts

  1. LOL …. some of those facts are pretty interesting …. like the one about trini girls in bat costumes 🙂 …

    …. but hear nah …. bats always flyin in my apartment ….. they zoom thru the front door ….. into my bedroom ….. den zoom back out de house ….. den de zoom back in …. and into de next bedroom ….. and zoom back out again ….. and that happens like nearly every nite ……

  2. I like girls who look dangerous and that would be about 90% of them 😉

    Usually bats and cockroaches gang up on victims. It’s like a simultaneous ground and air attack. They probably want the apartment for themselves 😉

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