Desirable, Sexy, and Beautiful Women

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Are there differences between a desirable, a sexy and a beautiful woman? Crudely speaking and according to definition, if a woman is desirable to a man it means the man wishes to possess the woman. The definition doesn’t go on to say what the man wishes to do with the woman once he takes possession. It could be for housework or some other sexist activity such as being an ornament. Sexy, on the other hand, is a form of desire and is very specific about the nature of the desire. When a man uses the word sexy to describe a woman people understand the nature of that person’s lust or depravity. Then there are those men who seldom use the words desirable or sexy and instead use the word beautiful to describe women in public. These men are typically timid or well-mannered and don’t speak of women as objects of desire or sex. They look at women in a more holistic way and picture how a woman may look in an evening gown, behind an ironing board or even beating a rug. These men think of themselves as sophisticated and rarely eyeball women in public but they do eyeball on the Internet.

Eva Mendes has been voted as the most desirable woman for 2009 by I didn’t vote and find all this talk about desirable and sexy and beautiful to be too commercial for my liking. It all entertainment and an I sure if you look on the streets of Port of Spain on Carnival Monday and Tuesday you may see more desirable, sexy and beautiful women than those being proposed by those clever Internet Buzz makers.


6 thoughts on “Desirable, Sexy, and Beautiful Women

  1. for 2009? so? should I now calibrate my desire meter to Eva Mendes being the most or least?

    SanMan the… not really into the lives of celebrities unless they are making a positive impact on society.

    i will admit that Emmanuelle Chriqui caught my eye acting in Entourage… but that may be the Arab in ME!

  2. I find all this calling of names like desirable and sexy to be nothing more than being either politically correct or rebranding. The concept of desirable or sexy celebrities is too subjective to have any meaning other that it is entertaining. I hope people don’t read too much into this post other it was meant to be my humorous and sarcastic look at celebrity worship.

  3. Dam, I do not look like Eva Mendes! Let me go color my hair and have some plastic surgery, that’ll fix me!
    You know, it´s sad ,but a lot of people see those surveys or beauty pagents as “gospel” and think that’s the new standard. In my view a persons real beauty does lie beneath the skin.

  4. Well, silicon is normally embedded beneath the skin so I suppose that would qualify as real beauty 🙂 There is a standard for beauty and everybody has one 😉


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