Suck, Don’t Chew – The Science of Pleasure


Suck, don’t chew is what you should do if you want to get the full enjoyment from eating high quality dark chocolate. This is the advice given by behavioral biologist Paul Martin in his book Drugs, Sex and Chocolate – The Science of Pleasure. Martin said high quality dark chocolate melts at body temperature and contains over 400 different flavor chemicals. He said that these chemicals need to be released slowly through gentle sucking if the flavor is to be appreciated. Any chocolate with over 70% cocoa content is considered dark chocolate and is considered high quality depending on the taste.

Sucking dark chocolate is not only pleasurable but it can improve reaction times since it contains the stimulant drugs caffeine and theobromine. Chocolate also contains very small amounts of a neurotransmitter called anandamide which is sometimes called the bliss receptor. Anandamide hits the same brain receptors as cannabis aka, ganga or weed. There are no confirmed cases of people getting high on dark chocolate but there are a few cases of chronic chocolate eaters seeking liposuction. Martin said that it takes constant practice sucking dark chocolate slowly to derive its maximum pleasure. Make it last, is his advice.


One thought on “Suck, Don’t Chew – The Science of Pleasure

  1. I prefer to suck rather than chew, just dont like chocolate.
    One would have to eat at least several pounds of chocolate in order to get noticeable psychoactive effects.

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