The Lunar Madness of 2009

Full Moon - January 10th 2009

Full Moon - January 10th 2009

On January 10th 2009 the moon was the closest it would be for the year and as a result the World went even madder. That is what those who believe in lunar madness would have us believe but could the moon really incite madness.

The word lunatic was derived from the word lunar (Roman Goddess of the Moon) because people thought there was a direct link between madness and the lunar cycle. Long ago people believed during the full moon some people went mad while the rest turned into werewolves. What ancient people failed to observe was that it was also the time leaders used to deliver addresses to the nations and walk the streets with their wives. Also, because of the brightness of the night, some men took the opportunity to walk the streets with their girlfriends which, naturally, did not go down too well with their wives. Because the night was brighter people would see more and the more people observed the more madness they saw. The only problem was that men stayed at home on the dark nights and were not able to observe anything except their wives in bed.

If you lived in a completely dark room and every time you lit a match you saw your big toe you can erroneously conclude the lighted match created the big toe. Yes, people possibly observed more madness and werewolves during a full moon but to blame it on something as romantic, inert, brilliant and defenseless as the full moon is unscientific madness.

4 thoughts on “The Lunar Madness of 2009

  1. Lol, love this story. I have come across a few lunatic’s(all males) in my life but never during a full moon.
    Lucky for the world a full moon only appears once every 29.53 days. Can you imagine the havoc if it was to apear once a week?

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