Air India Sacks Flight Attendants for Excess Baggage

Tilting WIth Excess Baggage

Tilting With Excess Baggage

Air India, in a brave and bold move that was bound to happen sooner or later, has sacked a number of flight attendants for being overweight. The feminist might take this issue up but all the attendants were women and weighed more than the stipulated amount allowed by Air India. This Beach Called Life once commented that generally flight attendants were no longer gorgeous and this made flying less attractive to male passengers. Notwithstanding this blog’s immature concern, Air India said  flight attendants must be fit and agile to handle safety procedures and they also must not be too broad so that they would stick on the evacuation chute or aisle during an emergency. Air India said nothing about the downturn in the amount of  in-flight ogling going on over the last few years. Also, Air India did not say that slim was easier on weary travelers than fat or that it cost more to fly a fat person than a slim one. Air India did not use the word “fat” in their dismissal letters or used the phrase “size does matter.” Instead Air India used the politically and even technically correct phrase “medically unfit” and probably the phrase “excess baggage.” An unnamed aircraft design engineer said using current technology it was not economically possible to make the aisles any wider and he felt that Slim Fast was the cheaper option. The Hindustan Times was reported to have carried this comment “On a long-haul flight, do you really want to see more spare tires than required on an airplane?”


Overweight and Insecure

Overweight and Insecure

Overweight flight attendants  are not a big issue but overweight policemen are. The Police are there to protect, serve and chase and when one considers that a large percentage of the Trinidad and Tobago police force cannot outrun the average sixty-year old then confidence cannot be too high. This blog would like to point out that the security of a nation is inversely proportion to the size of the bellies of the nation’s policemen and women.