Natalie Dylan – World’s Most Expensive Virgin

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan is selling her Virginity to the highest bidder and up to the time of writing bids have reached US$3.8 million causing a huge uproar among the out bided men but mainly among the millions of women who realized how much they undervalued this once priceless commodity.

Natalie Dylan is not a prostitute but a moderately attractive 22 year-old university graduate with a degree in something called women studies.  She hopes, by selling her virginity, to achieve some form of financial stability especially in these hard times. Naturally, Natalie Dylan does not find auctioning her virginity in any way demeaning and probably thinks this is one more way women can rule the world. She claimed that so far over 10,000 men have made bids. Natalie Dyer went on to stress that this was a one time only offer.  Selling virginity, this blog must point out,  has its challenges like packaging, storage, and shelf-life.

This blog is almost appalled at this act and has always felt that virginity is like natural gas where its sale is negotiated in private deals behind closed doors and whose price and conditions of sale must never be made known to the public. I can’t understand why anyone would pay $3.8 million for something that can only be used once and enjoyment may not be guaranteed. One man said that he could not understand why anyone would pay $3.8 million for virginity and would much rather spend $40 on a steak and at least have something to eat.