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sexy_1_400_1This is my response to an email and a blog post by Babooshka, the owner and creator of the blog – A Place For Small Things.

There is nothing wrong with sexy girls and guys or pictures of them and we, as unfortunate as it might first appear to the easily offended, live in a world driven by sexy. Cover girls and guys are always sexy. They may not always be slim but they are always sexy. Expensive cars are designed with sexy in mind with the sports car being the first alternative to sex invented, closely followed by marriage. With the exception of science magazines the brain is never used on the front cover. Photos of the butt at every angle have sold more beer, jeans, Slim Fast and dumbbells than photos of  that collection of 100 billion neurons ever did. Sexy and the quest for sexiness, either by becoming or observing, is the underlying motivator of our brains. To deny sexiness exist, and its expression necessary, is to deny life itself.

Susanna and The Elders - Rembrant

Susanna and The Elders - Rembrant

So, should blogs be sexy? Yes, but only if you want to get them noticed. But getting a couple hundred visits per day or a dozen comments per post doesn’t mean anything if the blogger doesn’t feel the post is important. I enjoy reading some of my most unpopular blog post the most because it was meaningful to me and the honest expression of my life – yes they might be cryptic to some.  We should not blog for attention but for our need for expression. What people write is important but what they imply is even more important. I don’t mean to say that blogs should be pornographic in nature and its writing and content vulgar. I feel pornography is for the depraved and the deprived, and possibly the married. Sexiness, on the other hand, is for those who live and see life as if alive.

Sexiness comes in subtle forms but vulgarity doesn’t. Sexiness is not only

Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad Carnival

the human form but the human form of expression. Sexiness is bold and daring. Sexiness can be shy but only when the shyness is confident. Sexiness is happiness that pleases the mind in such a way it causes the heart to beat even a fraction faster and the eyes to open a millimeter more. Great painters didn’t always paint sexy pictures of nudes but they also painted sexy pictures of landscapes where the viewer felt alive with that mild but tingly urge to reproduce.

A sexy blog post can contain the description of a mysterious sound in the blogger’s ceiling or even this post. Sexy, as I pointed out before, is how people express their aliveness. Sexiness is not a bad word but a great and natural feeling.

17 thoughts on “A Sexy Blog

  1. You are right that we should not blog for attention but for our own expression, yet it feels good to have your blog noticed…I guess I wanted that without the sexy..

    My idea of sexy was quite narrow compared to yours aka, and now that you mention it.. sexy can come in any form…

    I shall now endeavour to sexyup my blog! 😀

  2. Scene, I think Iguanas should never be eaten but I don’t think they are classified as an endangered specie yet. Some might even say the Iguana is a sexy lizard 🙂

    Blue, deprivation may lead to depravation 🙂

    Babooshaka, I tend to be woordy and sometimes not worthy. The appreciation of sexy is the appreciation of one of the finer things in life. I think blogs should be tasty and not tasteless but that is all a matter of taste 🙂

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  4. The female form in particular is the most beautiful form in the world! I agree what’s sexy belongs to the eyes of the beholder but there is also a universal sexy, or beauty to be specific. There are published reports where creeds and colors of all walks were surveyed and all agreed on what is beautiful. For example when they were shown images of people who have high cheekbones, they all said the photos were of good looking people. This study revealed higher cheekbones that were symmetrically proportionate to mouths, noses and chins, determined how good looking that person was.

    J Allen

  5. Hey ! Great article.I can identify with all you say about “sexiness” In fact I believe that one can eat sexy both in the manner in which they eat and the foods which help them become sexy.

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