Famines and the Overweight World


Weight gain and famines are very similar in that they can both kill people. The only difference between the two is that weight gain is individually controllable but famines are not.

Generally, famines occur in poor countries without stationary rain clouds but with corrupt governments while weight gain occurs in affluent countries with stationary rain clouds, CEPEP, URP and corrupt governments. Famines occur in poor, undemocratic countries that seem to have no minerals to offer the developed world, only hunger. Weight gain occurs in countries with too many pastels, Kiss cakes, doubles, rum and raisin ice cream, curry duck, and KFC outlets. Famines are less likely to occur in countries where its citizens are taught how to fish, farm, eat healthy foods, drink little alcohol, and make governments work for their votes. On the other hand, weight gain occurs in countries where people believe they are entitled to the fish and will give the Government their vote even if the Government’s fish has started to rot or only promised. Famines are never eradicated by high food prices, over population, corruption or prayer but by sensible Governments, less corrupt leaders, and an appreciation of the plight by the overweight World.