Happy New Year and May Your Animals Still Be With You

Fireworks - St. Augustine, Trinidad - 2008 into 2009

Fireworks - St. Augustine, Trinidad - 2008 into 2009

Happy New Year to All!!

I believe we, as humans, as intelligent humans, would be the ones to act responsibly and give some thought to the animals on Old Years Night Celebrations and I hope this is what happened last night.  Fireworks are nice but like alcohol and KFC must be used responsibly or else the consequences could be severe.  I will update with some more pics later.


Fireworks at Midinght December 31 2008

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year and May Your Animals Still Be With You

  1. There was an ad in yesterday’s newspaper (with pics) …… showing how fireworks can affect a scared animal …… one of the dogs in the ad ….. lost an eye ….. another dog was hurt trying to scale a wall (out of fright) ….. it was terrible ….

    …. but on a brighter note ….. lovely pic from last nite ….. and the 2008 one …. how yuh get tuh do dat ….. make de pic move that is ….. WOW …. I’m impressed ……

  2. Thanks Scene and the animals do suffer during this human celebration. I would support the banning of fireworks because humans can’t seem to police themselves.

    The pic with motion is called an animated GIF and if you do a google search you would find software which can help you make some : )

    Blue, I hope you have a Happy New Year as well 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, akalol, and may your wishes all come true.

    I support the banning of fireworks. As a matter of fact, I was under the impression that they were illegal, but like other illegal stuff here that obviously means the opposite of what it implies. Last night was pretty spectacular here in the west, too. A spent flare casing missed my head by inches, the cars were covered with stuff like ashes this morning… Yes, this valley put on quite the show. The lucky pets were the ones whose owners medicated them in advance. The others? Well…

  4. Happy New Year, Liane!

    You are right, and it would be near impossible to tell what is legal or illegal in this country by observation. The problem with fireworks is that the people who use them are usually ignorant about how to use them safely and drunk. There are lots of things people should not do while intoxicated like driving, lighting fireworks, and choosing a wife that is not yours 🙂

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