Sex Without the Fireworks and Other Top Stories of 2008

Sex can cost you your fireworks

Sex can cost you your fireworks

The Year 2008 in Review and in no particular order

  • Barack Hussein Obama II, a black man from Hawaii, managed to convincingly win the US Presidential elections making the world a more hopeful place.
  • The world slipped into a financial crisis with major Governments offering to bail out cash strapped banks with money borrowed from banks.
  • The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago finally admitted there was a world financial crisis and he would no longer be eyeing that private jet he tried to hoodwink the population into buying. Instead, the PM said, he would continue to not eat chicken. He also asked the population to tighten their proverbial belts so that the scarce foreign exchanged could be used to pay the contractors proverbially working on the Toruba stadium.
  • India overtook Japan in having the most billionaires in Asia and remains number one in Bollywood movies.
  • Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian steel magnate, professional billionaire and owner of ArcelorMittal in Trinidad had his wealth of US$40.3 billion drop to about US$16.4 billion because of the financial crisis  leaving him very grumpy.
  • Anurag Dikshit, (pronounced Dikshit) the Indian designer of the web gambling software PartyPoker saw his worth drop from US$1.6 billion to $1 billion without even throwing any dice.
  • Bernard Madoff (pronounced Made Off), an American businessman and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market was accused of making off with US$50 billion in other people’s money. In apparent retaliation, someone made off with a $10,000 statue from Madoff’s Florida estate. Madoff was said to be quite upset to be a victim of theft.
  • The murder rate in Trinidad and Tobago jumped to about 545 murders causing the Government to pump more money into the murder industry. The Government hopes these figures improve in 2009 as it did in 2008.
  • The Dark Knight threatened to sink the Titanic and become the most successful movie of all time.
  • An Iraqi journalist pelted two shoes, one at a time, at President George W. Bush but missed on both attempts. The Iraqi police are trying to determine the shoe size but the US insist size doesn’t matter.
  • Hundreds of women in Naples, Italy threatened to withhold sex from their men if the men don’t desist from lighting fireworks on Old Years Night. One of the Nepalese men was quoted as saying “Yeah, big deal, like we would notice.”
  • This Beach Called Life received 74,046 visits. The Breakdown of the top post for the year can be seen here. Click here.
  • received 172,066 visits with 1,123,483 pages viewed for 2008.
  • This Beach Called Life - December Stats

    This Beach Called Life - December Stats

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