Seven Pounds – A Weighty Movie

Seven Pounds - More Than Just A Weight

Seven Pounds - More Than Just A Weight

Seven Pounds is probably the best movie I have seen for the year 2008. However, in keeping with this blog’s sense of warped humor coupled with great insight, I give you some brief comments. Please note there are some unintentional spoilers ahead.

  • Seven Pounds is not only the latest offering from Will Smith; it’s also the amount of weight you will put on for the Holidays.
  • Seven Pounds is the only movie which dares to show the relationship between the Blackberry and the Jellyfish.
  • Seven Pounds is a movie with such a great plot you will rush out the movie theater and tell all your friends just so you could spoil it for them.
  • Seven Pounds features such a passionate love scene between Will Smith and Rosario Dawson you can’t help wonder if she would suffer a heart attack.
  • Seven Pounds will make you cry at US$7.00 a ticket.
  • Seven Pounds is a movie that is so good it doesn’t need explosions.
  • Seven Pounds is more than a love story, it is a reason to cry.
  • Seven Pounds is the name of the movie which doesn’t explain why it’s called Seven Pounds.
  • Seven Pounds = 3.17514659 kilograms

Ben Thomas: I did something really bad once and I’m never gonna be the same!

Seven Pounds - Wallpapae

Seven Pounds - Wallpapae

15 thoughts on “Seven Pounds – A Weighty Movie

  1. I never understand the title “Seven Pound” maybe it’s the seven people he killed and the seven people he gave back their lives. I don’t know but it’s a great movie. It definitely made me cry at the end. ^__^

  2. Redemption or atonement? In Shakespear’s “Merchant of Venice” the loan shark, Shylock, demands that debts owed to him be repayed or he will take his “pound of flesh”. Will Smith’s character must atone for the sin of killing 7 people – hence, “Seven Pounds”. Convoluted, yes, but it makes some sense. Any other guesses?

  3. Actually, the weight of an average heart is about 10 oz. Seven pounds is one huge heart. I like the Shakespeare idea. Interesting notion… I had an idea along those lines, the only problem is that the seventh is a house… that’s not really a “pound of flesh”.

  4. Definitely a Merchant of Venice reference. A ‘pound of flesh’ is merely a debt to be repayed, seven victims, seven debts. Seven pounds being the average weight of transplantable organs seems too indefinite. Awesome film.

  5. I belive his brother said that Tim could only give him one lung, I thought maybe he received the second lung after he died. Maybe that is the seven organ donated.

  6. But Joes explanation makes sense. The one person was the house, so that fits into debt to be repaid. Seven debts. I wonder if the filmakers will ever really say or if we have to go on our own theories.

  7. I would tip, that “seven pound” might refer to the overall weight of his organs, which he gave through his last will to the people. The heart makes about 300g, which is a bit less than 1 pound. Other organs like the part of the liver and the part of the lung, as well as the eyes should make up the rest of the weight (the part of the liver is quite heavy).
    That is just a guess. 😉

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