Show Me Your Cookie

Not all cookies can be seen

Not all cookies can be seen

Only a few years ago if you wanted cookies you would have to bake them, steal them, or buy them at the going rate. Now, however, if you want to have a more meaningful life, you would also have to enable them. Cookies have come a long way from the streets and ovens and are now on most web servers and hard drives. Cookies are powerful Internet functionality tools and have become as important to the Internet as handcuffs are to bondage fantasies. Some experts suggested that the Internet “cookie” was named “cookie” because of the Chinese Fortune Cookie which contained a simple text message. The only difference between a traditional cookie and an Internet cookie is that you can eat one but not the other.

In the Web world cookies are used by web servers and websites to track users, usually in a non-malicious way, to enhance the user-experience. Cookies can be used by websites to tell when a customer returns and that customer’s desires.  Cookies are used to keep a web voter honest by blocking repeated attempts at voting for Jennifer Aniston. Cookies are vital and some websites may not work, or not work properly if the web browser a person is using is set to reject cookies. Some social scientists suggest that men readily accept cookies but women have reluctance to cookies. In the world of the Internet there is very little difference between a Chinese cookie and a Danish cookie but  there is a big difference between the baked varieties  of these two countries and that difference is sometimes called melamine.

2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Cookie

  1. I had no idea what an internet cookie is ….. I’ve seen the term before …… in Internet Explorer …. as in being able to ‘clear’ them ….. but I never quite knew what I was ‘clearing’ ……

    PS: very clever ….. that melamine bit 🙂

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