Gabrielle Walcott – Beauty With a Purpose

Gabrielle Walcott - The Difference Is Obvious
Gabrielle Walcott – The Difference Is Obvious

The population of Russia is 141,377,752 and the population of India is 1,027,015,247 but the population of Trinidad and Tobago is only 1,305,028.3. Not withstanding the enormous population advantage of Russia and India, Trinidad and Tobago managed to place third in the Miss World competition for 2008. To be quite honest, if you look at the photo above the average person can clearly see Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabrielle Walcott, is more beautiful than either Miss Russia or Miss India. I am not suggesting the judges were blind, or suffered from Big Country Syndrome but I could not understand how Miss Walcott was placed in any position but first. Fortunately all was not lost and Gabrielle Walcott was crowned Miss Beauty With a Purpose. Very well done!

Gabrielle Walcott Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008
Gabrielle Walcott Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008
Gabrielle Walcott - Hypnotic
Gabrielle Walcott – Hypnotic

Gabrielle Walcottgabrielle_walcott_1gabrielle_walcott_32

Gabrielle Walcott

Gabrielle Walcott - Gorgeous

Gabrielle Walcott - Simply Stunning

Gabrielle Walcott – Simply Stunning
Gabrielle Walcott
Gabrielle Walcott

This Blog voted for Miss Walcott and this Blog congratulates Miss Walcott on her tremendous accomplishments. This Blog also understands that several Big Countries will be sending their contestants to train in Trinidad and Tobago ahead of the Miss World and Miss Universe 2009 competitions due to the favorable local conditions that produce beauties. This Blog makes no further comment for now.

26 thoughts on “Gabrielle Walcott – Beauty With a Purpose

  1. her face is the prettiest but the fake boobs are a major turn off for me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like fakies but in a beauty contest it should be all about the best natural beauties.

  2. OMG …. she have fake boobs ….. well that’s the first I’m hearing of that …..

    I think she’s gorgeous ….. and she looked FAB!! ….. that gown ….. that hair ….. the jewelery …… WOW!

    Miss Russia is also very pretty …..

  3. No offense or drama to anyone but, I for one and very proud of my cousin Gabby, she did us well, and for the record her breasts are natural..thts the joys of being a trini woman.

  4. I am very proud of Gabrielle! Having said that, let’s be honest. The videos of the Miss TnT competition are widely available on the web. (Youtube) No one can truthfully argue that her breast now are natural. She made a decision, and maybe it did actually pay off for her.

  5. I think it has to do with her having newly bought breast and cheek implants. She was not this glamourous a few months earlier. If you doubt my words then do a search of Miss Walcott to prove me wrong. BTW, I think she is the best looking one I would have given her first place. I love her to pieces.Yum!The other two are really ugly! Who wants to bang a board anyway?

  6. Hey we in the UK from Caribbean parentage think she is really beautiful. She spoke from the heart real beauty comes from within. The physical beauty will fade.

    You made us all proud. I have pics from her African, Chinese, Portugese, Spanish and English ancestors.

    Born to win a true Caribbean Beauty.


  7. i am from trinidad and i congratulate ms walcott, but lets be real her BREASTS ARE FAKE, if you look at her profile pics or her model portfolio before she won and even during the contest in trinidad, no one can grow breasts that big in a few months. although i am proud as a trini that she did well in the competition, i think this competition should look for natural beauty and not persons who believe they have to augment themselves in anyway to fit a profile

  8. Hello ppl, are we forgetting that this is the ‘pageant world’, those before and after pics of her that are all through the net, doesnt mean that she had implants.
    Are you all forgetting that in this world they are things such as silicone pads and other accessories that you can pad your outfits with. Alot of bras and dresses come padded, and they do give you quite the lift or the extra that you may need to fill out a dress. Come on women, admit it!

    Besides if she did it or not, regardless of what, if you focused on the way she presented herself and answered her questions in comparison to ms. russia and ms. india, you would see the vast diffrence.

    Her repsonse was on a much higher level and think she deserved it more than they did any of the places. I guess this proves that first world rules over third world, anytime, no matter what!

    Like we trini’s say it… ent!

  9. ok i was thinking the same that everyone is discussing above but seriously she is quite stunning and radiant… she stood out of everyone without even trying… she was simply effortless in her presentation… and her complexion is tropical and glowing… we are proud of u Gabby … no matter what people say or think… and word to the wise… that guy who was presenting at the miss world pageant (((((((LET PEOPLE FINISH THEIR SENTENCES WHEN THEY SPEAK)))))))))) GOSH I MEAN TO SAY : WE ALL KNO THERE ARE TIME RESTRICTIONS BUT U DINT HAVE TO BE SO RUDE ABT IT AND CUT HER OFF LIKE THAT. IM SURE IF IT WAS MISS SOUTH AFRICA U WOULD HAVE LET HER GO ON AND ON… GEEZ… CUT HER SOME SLACK… SHE WAS ELOQUENT AND ARTICULATE….NOT FUMBLING… ANYWAYS…


  10. I am very proud of my cousin Gabby. And I, being a part of her family can tell you that her breast are real!! and SHE DOESN’T HAVE CHEEK IMPLANTS!! How could you even say that? Her face looks the same as it always has for years, AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFULL!! te proffessional makeup may have refined her cheekbones a bit nut they dont even look fake. If you look at her now, out of all her pagentry stuff, her cheeks are normal and her breasts are normal sized, of course for the pagent she wore sillicone stuffing and push ups but that was only to fit into the dresses. her boobs didnt grow overnight, neither are they fake. Regardless of whatever anyone has to say about you i love you Gabby and Im so proudd of u!!!

  11. I didn’t want to say anything about the suspected implants but as a beauty observer I don’t have a problem if it were true or not. I just enjoy how Gabrielle Walcott looks.

  12. I’m sorry to say she does not look like a beautiful trini woman..she’s fake and looks white!!!! What happen to my brown skin dark hair girl???

    • Are you from Trinidad?

      Trinidad has beautiful black women but we also beauties of other races to FYI
      Gabrielle is a representation of the many different types of beauties found in T&T

      Trinidad is a very multiracial society where you can find many beautiful women of many races from Syrian, Chinese, Caucasian, Spanish, African & East Indian

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