Miss World and Me

Gabrielle Walcott and Anya Ayoung-Chee

Gabrielle Walcott and Anya Ayoung-Chee

I like shopping at the Miss World website and adding the various girls to my shopping basket but I don’t mean to make the girls seem cheap because I know they are not. Surprisingly, I am not a keen follower of beauty competitions but I do dabble on special occasions and at night. What I have noticed over the years is that modern-day contestants are not airhead in nature and most contestants now have a university degree, or enrolled for a degree the day before submitting their entry forms. Being educated and beautiful has now replaced having more than ample bosoms but it has not yet replaced the flat stomach or smooth, and freshly shaved legs. I don’t think any contestant of any reputable beauty competition ever made it to the top-10 with an education and a potbelly. A degree helps but it is hardly ever visible to the untrained eye. These ambitious contestants spend as much time with their books as with their gym instructors. Contestants, though they may be academically qualified to run the biggest corporations in the world, must still look amazing in a swimsuit. I once believed the winners of these various competitions were selected based on some hidden political agenda but if my theory was true these competitions would be meaningless and their popularity declining.

Gabrielle Walcott

Gabrielle Walcott

Trinidad and Tobago, despite the usual funding issues, managed to send a very pretty contestant to South Africa (the country and not simply the southern part of Africa, the continent) for the Miss World 2008 competition . She is  Gabrielle Walcott, a model, actress, and visual artist.  Gabrielle is no relation to Nobel Laureate Derick Walcott or even V.S. Naipaul. She is 23 year old and 170 cm long. Gabrielle likes to ride horsebacks and swim in the ocean. I am sure she is an excellent runway model and would also model for photographers with the right professional equipment. Maybe you were not registered to vote for Barack Obama, but you can register to vote for Gabrielle Walcott, this blog’s choice for Miss World 2008. You won’t regret it when she wins.

3 thoughts on “Miss World and Me

  1. I don’t really follow beauty pageants …. but I have a friend who does …. so I’m normally pretty up-to-date ….. actually ….. he’s the one who would remind me to tune in ….. on the day of the show ……

    What I do like to follow however ….. is de bacchanal …… like Peter Elias threatening that this will be his last ….. cuz of lack of sponsorship etc. …… yeah, yeah, yeah!

    I like Gabrielle Walcott tho ….. so I think I’ll make the effort tuh check it out ……

  2. I don’t know why the contestants have to be at the competition venue so long in advance. It’s not like they are sportsmen who have to get their lungs accustomed to the climate. Maybe time is money and nothing survives very long without money these days. I understand that some people can go without air for longer periods than without money 🙂

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