Mud and Car – Gone Too Far

Girl looks on in horror as car and mud bonds in public

Girl looks on in horror as car and mud easily bond in public

I believe in keeping mud and car separate. Though mud and car appear to coexist peacefully and though they appear to like each other and bond to one another regardless of weather condition or resurfacing efforts, I believe each would do better on its own.

Mud and Car - So Peaceful Together

Mud and Car - So Peaceful Together

Mud and car do not present the same problem as the chicken and the egg once did since it is well accepted there was mud long before there was even Toyota. In fact, some scientist would have us believe that we are all made from some type of common mud or fish. I don’t intend to debate in this blog whether man is a product of mud, fish, or sex, or a combination of all three. What I intend to do is make a plea to that unknown force, which makes mud and car stick together, to please take the appropriate action so I can spend quality time with my car instead of sharing my precious time with that thing called mud.

3 thoughts on “Mud and Car – Gone Too Far

  1. After several close encounters of the sticky kind over the past few years, I’ve developed a well-founded horror of the stuff. Week before last I watched my mother’s car flounder in a rising brown lake. It narrowly escaped being swept into what is sometimes the Diego Martin River, but which had become an alien thick brown torrent and had expanded to encompass four lanes of highway as well as nearby verges, streets and yards.

    Please try to keep the mud over there in St. Augustine. You’re made of sturdy stuff; you can handle it. 🙂

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