Finding The Face of Photography

A modern camera display just before the shutter clicks in satisfaction

Face and Smile Detection is no Laughing Matter

Some digital cameras are now so smart they can recognize a face and give the photographer a message like “that looks like your cousin’s neighbor from South.”

Ok, that is not what face recognition means on the latest digital cameras but that is what I hoped it would have meant. For now, camera face recognition simply recognizes the faces in the photo, and adjusts the focus and exposure appropriately. To be honest, if a photographer doesn’t know he is focusing on a face he is in the wrong hobby or maybe that assumed-face should not be photographed. It would also be embarrassing for the subject if camera refuses to accept the subject’s mug is a real face – error, no face detected.

Face recognition is not the only development from those idle camera scientist and there is now blink recognition and smile recognition. What is the use of these super features if the photographer does not even know he is photographing a face? What photographers need is a camera that tells them if the subject deserves to be photographed since recognizing shades of ugly has been one of the biggest challenges for both photographers and scientist alike.  I am sure scientist are trying hard to not only develop the perfect ugly algorithm, but to also take the art out of photography. Soon enough a photographer would only have to put the camera on the lap of his robot and press “START” and the robot would not only take the photographs, but decide what is to be photographed, edit the good stuff, and laugh at the photos at night.

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