October Wrap-Up for This Beach Called Life

This Beach Called Life Blog Stats

This Beach Called Life Blog Stats

October was another Very Good month for This Beach Called Life: The aka_lol’s Blog

Here are the stats for the month of October 2008:

Total visits: 9,193

Average visits per day: 297

Best October Day: October 8th – 617 visits

Top Post for the Year so far:

Trinidad Carnival 2008 Pictures 4,826
Rihanna – Umbrella – The Song To Change 4,029
Life on Mars and Halle Berry 3,509
Everything You Wanted to Know About aka 3,200
Movie Taglines – The Untold Story…So F 2,053
Maria de Lujan Telpuk and the Playboy Co 1,936
It feels so good 1,481
Will M. Night Shyamalan be Happening? 1,448
Bikini Carnival 2008 1,365
Carla Bruni and The Model’s Man 1,232
From Apple’s Core 1,210
Flow Trinidad Internet Services – a Revi 1,201
Who Is The Iron Man And Do You Really Ca 1,102

So far November looks like it will be even better than October with an average of 367 visits per day.


2 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up for This Beach Called Life

  1. yuh know …. I doh really pay much attention tuh my stats …. some of it ….. I doh even understand …. I just like tuh see de ‘subscribers’ figure go up 🙂 ….. altho I don’t actually know who they are …. there’s no way tuh check!

  2. I am just copying what some blogs do. I think the majority of visitors stumble on to this blog because of a keyword search like halle berry or the dark knight. Even if they are all not readers I am happy to see the visitor tally go up 🙂

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