5 thoughts on “Yes He Can – Barack Obama 2008

  1. I’m happy that Michelle will finally be able to hire a stylist …. what de hell is dat awful red and black ting she have orn??

  2. lord, that was the FIRST thing I thought when I saw her – WHAT WAS THAT she was wearing???? I felt bad that it was in my head all the time she was on screen…but seriously!

  3. but on a more serious note, I actually liked John McCain while he was conceding – pity the whole Palin business made him and his campaign just seem crazy.
    And I am really interested to see how the USA develops under Obama.

  4. People said if the “real John McCain” campaigned he would have done better. I don’t know who that is or if it would have made any difference. What I do know is that Palin irritated the hell out of me every time I saw her or heard her talk. Obama/Biden always seemed more at peace while McCain/Palin seemed more at war.

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