Wrap Rage Comes of Age

Wrap Rage is no laughing matter

Wrap Rage is no laughing matter

The US Presidential Election is held every four years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November and since the last US Presidential Elections was held in 2004 that day is today.

Amazon.com, the largest on-line retailer in the World, has unwittingly given the newly elected President of the US something to legislate about. That thing is Wrap Rage. Wrap Rage can be defined as the frustration a person experiences while trying to open a package that was designed not to be opened by anyone regardless of how much the person paid for what he or she is trying to open. Wrap Rage has affected all consumer items like light bulbs, memory sticks, MP3 players and more recently, kurma in Trinidad and Tobago. Amazon has made it quite clear where it stands on the topic of Wrap Rage and it is their focus for the Christmas season. Amazon has my full support and I will also be willing to take part in any public outcry they may organize during working hours once I can get home before the road rage starts.

The first symptoms of Wrap Rage may go unnoticed...or not

The first symptoms of Wrap Rage may go unnoticed...or not

Up to 9:00 am yesterday morning I didn’t know there was a name given to this seemingly trivial but sometime life-threatening occurrence. Wikipedia has defined it, Consumer Reports has documented it, and trained psychologists are now stationed at some of the larger malls in the US to offer counseling to victims. With a little luck and much public outcry laws may be drawn up to help eliminate the source of wrap rage, which may not actually be China or Sony. There are rumors floating around that the newly elected US president does not have this issue on the front burner for some strange reason and the US public may demand answers from The Man. Wrap Rage is worse than war with the garbage people, worse than slipping on a banana peel on a busy sidewalk while wearing a very short skirt and no underwear, and even worse than having smoke come out the back of your new flat-screen TV.

Wrap Rage, like road rage and slow-cashier-rage serves only to compound the various rages we feel everyday but can’t define. By identifying these rages they can be dealt with either by elimination of the source or tranquilizers. There is a website already dedicated to finding the cure for wrap rage. How well consumers will deal with Wrap Rage this spending season is anyone’s guess since the World is distracted by the US elections and the recent phenomena called no money in the banks of the World except in Trinidad and Tobago.

6 thoughts on “Wrap Rage Comes of Age

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  2. this post is hilarious ….. I’ve never heard of wrap rage …. but I realise now …. that I have experienced it many times ….

    and LOL …. slow cashier rage?? ….. and wrap rage now affecting ‘kurma’???? ….. you are crazy 🙂

  3. I saw something about this on Amazon today and gave it about two seconds of my attention – just enough to realize that I’ve been a victim. Trust you to find the humour in the thing. Makes me wonder how many other syndromes I’m subject to without realizing… 🙂

  4. Yes wuz, wrap rage is the new rage and last week when I tried and struggled to open a bag of kurma it suddenly gave way and kurma went flying all over the mall. One important component of wrap rage is humiliation 🙂

    Liane, there is so much humor all around us that we start to take it take it seriously 🙂

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