Elizabeth Hurley’s Rising Skirt Mystery Solved

An Inappropriate Use of Static Electricity in Public

An Inappropriate Use of Static Electricity in Public

Static electricity, or static, is a phenomenon of the physical world but whose effects can appear paranormal. Static is the culprit behind bad hair days, doorknob zaps, the destruction of nearly one thousand dollars in computer memory at an ex-friend’s home a few Saturdays ago, and more recently, caused Elizabeth Hurley’s dress to rise at the most inappropriate time while flicking a switch at Bloomingdale for a good cause.

A Bad-Hair_Day

A Bad-Hair_Day

In the tropics, static electricity is less of a problem than in temperate countries but it can still be a menace to the air-conditioned and carpeted affluent due to dry air and excessive rubbing. Static electricity has been known to make things rise against its will and this has caused some scientist to think within the box. Static electricity is a naturally occurring menace and must be controlled to save friendships, prevent embarrassing moments, but mainly, it must be controlled to prevent unscrupulous bloging. 

Static Electricity Defined by Wikipedia

Static Electricity Defined by Wikipedia

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hurley’s Rising Skirt Mystery Solved

  1. OMG …. I saw dat Liz Hurley story in today’s Guardian ….. of course it didn’t have have dat pic …. illustratin de wardrobe malfunction ….. good work aka! 🙂

    Girlblue took the words rite outta my mouth …. FAB legs fuh tru!!! ….. FAB everyting!!!

  2. I’m so proud of her for having undies on.

    as for your friendship — it does not seem legit to end a friendship over static electricity.

  3. I think Hugh Grant is a natural comic but I could never understand why females were (are) attracted to him. Elizabeth Hurley is a very attractive female at any age but her great legs are probably based of her great efforts in the gym. I commend her for that. I think she has all the attention she needs so no undies are not an option 🙂

    Kim, there was no loss of friendship only a great mistrust for carpet 🙂

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