Where the Hell is Matt?

I found this video on one of my favorite websites trinidaddreamscape. I agree with trinidaddreamscape that we in Trinidad and Tobago need something to smile at besides the jokers in Parliment or the boys in the Beetham attacking the police. Trinidad and Tobago is a naturally funny country and and that is why quarrying near the Asa Wright Nature Centre is good for the nation. I think we should adopt the Government’s motto Don’t Worry, Be Happy because no amount of worrying will cause the murder rate to drop, the rate of inflation to fall, the the price of oil to rise, the CEPEP stone to become unpainted, Government Ministers to not talk down to the population, the Central Bank Governor to shut up, kidnapped victims to be found alive, the Government to not purchase 200 luxury cars, or not spend over $500 million on two summits. So, in an attempt to promote happiness I give you Matt.

10 thoughts on “Where the Hell is Matt?

  1. heh I found Matt a few months ago, its interesting that someone would get famous by dancing badly and have a major company backing them and sending them all over the world. Where do I get a job like that.

    *purposefully refuses to comment on the post*

    *bites tongue*


  2. 🙂 🙂

    I think that is you do something and do it worse than anyone else you will eventually be paid large sums of money by a gum company or citizens of a democratic nation to do it. I think it’s similar to the old saying “She was was so bad, she was good.” Well, maybe not exactly like that 😉

  3. People look at Matt’s dance and think the steps look easy but just try it in public and in different countries and you would see how hard it really is to not get beat up 🙂

  4. I love it!

    did he ask a gum company to give him money so he could jig all over the world and they said yes?

    This sounds like something my brother-in-law could pitch and have someone go for.

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