Vacuum Discrimination

Getting Down With a Vacuum Cleaner

Getting Down With a Vacuum Cleaner

The largest appliance parts store in Trinidad and Tobago discriminates against vacuum cleaners. I learnt this today when the sales clerk at one of their largest outlets said they were not in the business of selling parts for vacuum cleaners. I told the clerk that vacuum cleaners were important and popular appliances and to discriminate against vacuum cleaners was bad. She, the imaginary owner, said I was the first person to ever ask for any part for a vacuum cleaner and that “her company” only sells parts for major appliances like fridges, stoves, blenders, pressure cookers, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, toasters, toaster ovens, drink mixers, electric tooth brushes, electric can openers, bread machines, weed whackers and the Model T Ford. So I asked the sales clerk what I should do now since the name of their store led me to believe that they sold “appliance” parts. The clerk said it was the company’s policy not to meddle in the lives of their customers and I could do what I want once I didn’t break the law and they were also not to blame for my poor understanding of what the name of their store meant.  I was in no mood for tact so I said in plain, angry English if there was some other place that might have the part I was looking for. The clerk, chewing a green gum that now matched her teeth, said I could try New York or Miami. This sounded rude to me in a non-seductive way so I asked to see the manager but little miss cheeky said that wouldn’t be necessary since she was better looking than the manager. I had to admit she was attractive in a hellish sort of way but was in no mood for shortening my life any further and bolted out the store as if sucked up by a Hoover.

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