A Necessary Beauty

A butterfly from St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago hopes the photographer would hurry up since life is short.

A butterfly from St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago hopes the photographer would hurry up since life is short.

The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.  ~Attributed to George Carlin

Trying to get a butterfly to pose for a picture is harder than getting some icons to wear underwear. There is very little one can say about butterflies other they fly and land on flowers that no lens is focused on. Butterflies are intelligent creatures and use this intelligence to get editors and some low-grade bloggers to publish photos of them standing on various flowers. Butterflies are like celebrities in that they run from the camera but love to be photographed. I suppose butterflies, like women, also know that anything that is too easy to get is hardly appreciated.

Apart form making great photographs, butterflies have another purpose, and that purpose is to pollinate flowers. I don’t think butterflies are too aware of this important function and the modern day butterfly is more concerned with looking good and becoming the next centerfold in National Geographic Magazine than pollination.  Without butterflies the photography world, and many photographers would be poorer. Photographers may even have to invest heavily in makeup to get mosquitoes and bachacs to look as alluring. Some people suggest that butterflies are like many things beautiful, subjective and unnecessary. I agree that beauty can be subjective and in the eyes of the beholder but when beauty is absolutely beautiful it goes beyond the eyes and becomes, for some strange reason, absolutely necessary.

6 thoughts on “A Necessary Beauty

  1. Hey, nice nature photographs and a butterfly with class as well 🙂 You always seem to end up with horses in your shots and it must be where you live 🙂

    Some non-SLR type cameras can take good closeup shots and I think the Sony P10 is one of them.

  2. OMG …. clueless!!! ….. I DO have a Sony P10 🙂 ….. but to take close up shots ….. that’s where I have to be ….. ‘close up’ …… it could zoom eh ….. but very very little bit ….

    and yeah boy ….. yuh would never tink it have so much horses in de West …. those horses live opposite my friend’s house tho ….. on some kinda horse farm or sumtin …… the other set of horses …… apparently live on my street …… in somebody yard!

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