Caption This

The Iguana

The Iguana

“Why is that watermark so close to my head?”

“Oh no! It’s that photographer again”

“Back off! I said, back off!”

“Finally, someone who thinks I am photogenic.”


16 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “which way to the beach??”

    “man, I going to kill my agent for putting me in this job…I didn’t even get to go to Mayaro!”

    *pretending to be a clump of green grass until the photographer goes away

  2. You know i’ve always wanted one of these but I’ve seen the damage they could inflict when they’re not pleased with you even if they’ve been with you since they were a baby.

    That is a fantastic shot, he seems to be daring you though…saying go on make my day!

  3. Thanks girlblue 😉

    I think Iguana was daring me and didn’t enjoy being stalked 🙂

    I never realized iguanas cannot be trusted but I don’t think I would want to deny one its freedom. I have some other photos of another guana but I have to look through my HD to find them.

  4. ahhhh …. got it …….

    “Guana look back”

    I was patiently waiting to see if dat caption would turn up …… but I guess I’m your only warped reader 🙂

  5. Onedia, I think some iguanas are brown and some are green at birth – probably different types. From what I understand, the green iguanas fade into a less florescent green as they get older.

  6. Actually Oneida and Aka all iguanas are born green but as they mature they change colours and become brown. They look lovely as they are just transitioning between green and brown 🙂 Hope that helps

  7. wow – i have seen some really huge green ones – cannot imagine how big they get as brown! they were scarcer to see growing up, even though I was in a rural area, because of the uhm high demand by the village

  8. Iguanas should be protected in Trinidad and Tobago but then again humans should also be protected. I took this picture in St. Augustine close to where I live. I actually say a matt lizard in my backyard about three years ago. The matt is a scary looking lizard and can get very big like iguanas.

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