Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop were not good friends and often battled for shelf space. Though both contained some of the same active ingredients, each claimed to be the better and baddest insecticide. Nevertheless, both were equally feared by flying and crawling insects. Baygon came in a green and red can and was considered the BMW of the insecticide world with its non-suicidal spray head, sophisticated scent, and high price. BOP, on the other hand, came in two flavors, regular and citronella. Bop was however cheaper and smelt that way. Bop had the standard low-cost spray nozzle that was not idiot proof but was still favored by both idiots and smart men on a budget.

It was never clear how these insectcides got their names but one rumor suggested that the name Bop came about when an excited insecticide scientist, eger to impress his boss, ran straight into a wall on discovering the formula. The boss was impressed with the sound of the impact. Another rumor claimed a scientist named Bob created the formula for Bop but his name was misspelled during the haste to get it on the shelves for dengue season. The rest was insecticide history. It was never certain  how the name Baygon came about but insecticide historians believe Baygon is the German word meaning Bop.

9 thoughts on “Baygon and Bop

  1. I assumed Bop had more to do with the functionality of the product…it kills insects as good as if you Bopped them manually. Or, maybe in a factory somewhere, some lowly employee suddenly came up with this amazing solution and taking it to his superiors was tongue-tied when forced to explain what he had found: “Boss, this real good. It’s for insects. It does…ahm..ahm..BOP dem! Yeah, iz BOP dem DEAD!”
    But thanks. I now have that song stuck in my head.

  2. Nothing can replace a manual bop but it feels so right it had to be wrong 🙂 Tongue-tied and excited – I like it 🙂 I wonder if in some other islands they say Bop, or Bap?

  3. BOP have ‘flavours’ …… like yuh taste it 🙂 ……. and I didn’t know dat Baygon more expensive ……. why am I using the more expensive insecticide ….. and wha bout DET boy …… remember dah one ……. wit Brigo singin de ad …… ‘is det tuh de flies, det tuh de roaches, det tuh de mosquitoes’ ……. how does DET compare?

  4. I like bhagi rice so by extension I like ByeGun.

    But Chennette, Baygon has improved its smell to something better.

    wuzdescene, I promise to do a comparison which would include DET but from what I remember DET was very potent against all flying and crawling insects plus little humans 🙂

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