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Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point

Blogging has taken the world by storm and changed the way we mumble to ourselves. Blogging can be described as photography in words. Like good photographs, blogs are more interesting when the subject is revealing, the composition is clever, and the exposure just right. Blogging is a way in which we let the world know we exist and are pissed off at that point in time. It is our way of speaking to ourselves so that others can hear if they want. It is our own private radio station.

Not being able to write a proper sentence has never stopped someone from saying something, and being understood. Why should it? We are not prime time but one of the countless billions of stars talking at the same time hoping a radio telescope somewhere will call us random and intelligent. But just because the radio telescope didn’t focus on us doesn’t mean we do not exist or our ramblings are meaningless.

In hindsight it seems blogging is an inevitable part of our evolution since one characteristic of being alive is to be noticed in as many ways possible. The more ways we express ourselves the more alive we feel and the less we feel like a Dinner Mint wrapper – useful until the sweetie is sucked. A blog is now like a cell phone and everybody has more than one. In the future, blogs will replace obituaries, and it will be our main legacy until something better comes along.


4 thoughts on “Life is Blog

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  2. Your words are so dead on and so well said….wish I had said them. I am planning a workshop in my little town about blogging directed at people who don’t know anything much but most will be writers. May I quote you in the workshop with attribution.


  3. first off ….. dat is one borse pic! …… wish ah was there …… and about blogging …… very interesting perspective ….. I still doh know why I does blog ….. it may be ….. cuz I’m idle 🙂

  4. Onedia, thank you very much and I would be flattered if I was quoted 😉 It’s good to see you back and I also need to get back 🙂

    wuzdescene, I think you blog because of all the pent up humor you have inside when you see the world as it really is 🙂
    Thanks for the compliment 😉

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