The Dark Knight vs Titanic

Titanic - A memorable scene

Titanic - A memorable scene

Titanic is a water based love story and also a monster movie. Since its release in 1997 Titanic has grossed $1,848,813,795 worldwide and that is a titanic performance. Though I am a straight man I do like Titanic, both as a movie and a submersible. Titanic is a movie which, to this day, appeals to a wide cross-section of people and has a bit of everything. Titanic contains good looking people, ugly people, good people, cruel people, rich people, poor people, Irish people, musicians and even an engineer. Titanic appeals to all ages and sexes and even has a sex scene, or maybe it is just nudity, I can’t remember.

Titanic - Censored by thi blog

Titanic - Censored by this blog

The question being asked today is whether The Dark Knight will equal or better the box-office performance of Titanic. After seeing The Dark Knight, I will have to say I am doubtful. People went to see Titanic two, three, and four times because it was a bucketful of emotions. It made people happy and cry at the same time and the characters were easy to relate too. The Dark Knight is an action-based, superhero movie that is not as emotional as Titanic and lacks staying power.The Dark Knight, though powerful from a moralistic point of view, and has good special effects and a motorcycle, is simply not as charming as Titanic. Sadly, The Dark Knight had no romping in the hay and there were no trademark memorable scenes as there were in Titanic. At least I can’t remember any. There was scarcely any bonding between screen characters and the non-psychotic members of the audience.  I don’t have the urge to go back and see The Dark Knight for those reasons.

The Joker Claps

The Joker Claps

Very soon, I think, the euphoria over The Dark Knight will settle and just as the Jedi eventually returned for financial reasons, so too will The Dark Knight. With the Titanic there was never any possibility of a return; the end was always meant to be final.

Titanic GIF

Titanic GIF - Created by this blog

12 thoughts on “The Dark Knight vs Titanic

  1. I haven’t yet seen The Dark Knight, but I don’t have particularly fond feelings for Titanic. It was beautiful to look at (except for the migraine-causing flashing lights when it was going down) and had lots of romance and all that – but somewhere along the line I lost empathy for the story and characters. I have never had the urge to watch it again to see if I had a bad day (well, bad days since I did see it twice as I had friends who insisted and this was pre-multiplex days).

    I know I am in a minority. Maybe I am just cold inside.

  2. I like Titanic but I am not someone who would drool over it. I think Titanic has a wider appeal than The Dark Knight making it a better movie to be a box office king.

  3. I’ve seen parts of the Dark Knight,
    but i KNOW that Titanic wins over any movie.

    Everything about the Titanic was amazing.
    + If Titanic2 was made, that would definately ruin it.

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