The Dark Knight’s Dilemma

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight was a good movie because during the movie I wasn’t distracted by the fact Heath Ledger was no longer alive and  Christian Bale was recently arrested by London police for allegedly assaulting his 61 year old mother, a former circus clown, and his sister. Good movies are always full of distractions.

The Dark Knight was an intense movie which never let up for the 152 minutes of screen time. It was a good versus evil movie and I am beginning to wonder what the movie industry would do without evil, or good for that matter. As everybody said, The Joker stole the show from Batman but he always did and in every incarnation as that is the nature of evil. This movie was filled with moral dilemmas such as does the good of the one you love outweigh the good of the masses. Or can evil exist simply for evil’s sake or does evil have a plan that is more attractive than Batman’s. Naturally the movie suggested that Batman made the right decision which was probably the wrong one in the end. I find The Dark Knight to be disturbing for that reason but little children and young teens may not find it so since munching popcorn and texting requires concentration.

The Dark Knight - The Joker

The Dark Knight - The Joker

Batman is a better superhero than Spiderman, Ironman, and Hulk, and is on par with Daredevil, and Hancock. Batman is better as he bleeds easier than most superheroes which makes him more human but is extremely wealthy which makes him a bit of an idiot for wanting to dress up as a bat in order to fight crime. However, I was made to understand that some women are attracted to Batman because he has a private jet (or missile), wears a black cape in bed, and has a mask with needlessly protruding ears. It’s difficult for the ordinary man to compete with that.

11 thoughts on “The Dark Knight’s Dilemma

  1. wuzdescene, I tried to write a serious review about Batman but those ears are…outstanding. The Joker is a more serious guy and I suppose that is why crazyasuka is attracted to him. I think girls are more into bad guys than good ones 😉

  2. Made one attempt to see it but Movietown was a mess, parking a headache, and when I finally got inside the feature was sold out. So was The Mummy 3. I’ll have to make another foray – or wait for the dvd. I’d really like to see it on the big screen though.

  3. Parking at Movietown is now a crisis. If you build it they will come but only if parking is provided. Personally, I think The Dark Knight is a good movie but not not that great.

  4. Ohhh man I loved Dark Knight, It’s certainly one the better ones I’ve seen. Heath Ledger was just awesome I think it was more about Joker than Batman.

  5. The thing about Dark Knight is that almost nobody talks about Batman and it wasn’t only because of Heath Ledger’s amazing performance but because Batman had the personality of a defective, drivein, takeaway loudspeaker 😉

  6. I HAV GOT 3 WORDS 4 U………………. its a history!!!!!!!!! n 4 more result please watch ‘THE DARK NIGHT’ idiots………… WHY SO SERIOUS?????????? felt bad////////// then keep 2 urself!!!!!!!!!

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