This Beach Called Life – One Year and Few Days Later

Blog Stats

Blog Stats

Preface to the Introduction

I decided to write this post because I didn’t know what else to write and I felt I should write something. It’s these voices next to my head.


This Beach Called Life – The aka_lol’s Blog was imported from Blogger into WordPress just over one year ago and I think it was a good year for the blog compared to a bad year. It was a good year, and not just for visits, but for poor grammar, disjointed paragraphs, and nonsensical post. As you may not have realized there is no theme for this blog other what goes on in my mind and keyboard. I am not nuts but some say insanity becomes me. Despite my self-proclaimed sanity, sometimes this blog goes crazy and attracts many visitors who become speechless on entry. Nevertheless, it’s nice when the visits go up on my stat counter and I am always curious to know what brought visitors here.

The Actual Superficial Content

This blog has been visited 27,826 times since July 16th, 2007. The most amount of visitors in one day occurred on February 7th, 2007 with 641 visits because of Carnival. More recently, the peak of 428 on the 17th July was due to the Trinidad Storm entry, Halle Berry and The Happening. Carla Bruni has been some help in keeping the stats above 100 per day and Everything You Wanted to Know About Aka has become popular and I think I figured out the glitch that made it so. Bikini Carnival continues to plod along but barely.

Friends of this Blog

I would like to thank those who commented and I would also like to thank those who commented more even more.  You know who you are. The Blogroll on the side bar has a list of good bloggers who may have commented and some who are the silent type. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind but just remember I offend easily.

The Future

One day I hope to sell the movie rights to this blog and finally make aka_lol a pronounceable household word.

The End

There is no end in sight.

9 thoughts on “This Beach Called Life – One Year and Few Days Later

  1. …. yuh beat meh tuh it ….. an’ ah doh know if is cuz ….. great minds think alike …… or fools seldom differ ….. cuz a very similar post is coming on my blog soon …… but it eh go be as detailed tho …… cuz I have no idea how tuh interpret de stats …… CLUELESS!!! 🙂

  2. I’m a recent but so far avid reader and love it when your name comes up on my readers (yes I have more than one and may or may not be stat obessessed) although I must say I would like it to come up more often.

    I think we have the same mix of madness with the slight sprinkling of sanity here and there, just enough to be acceptable for human consumption lol.

    Take care

  3. wuzdescene, I think it’s more like the great minds thing and I would like to see your stats 😉

    GirlBlue, madness is a form of sanity and probably the best form. Thanks for reading me 🙂

  4. Sure you have atheme, it’s “wild and witty”. Well, sometimes wild…or tame…or thoughtfull…or thought provoking…but for sure the wit!

    glad you blog :o)

  5. :O).

    Right back at you! Thanks for visiting my blog — nice to see you there. Happy you liked the storm pics — crazy looking storm!

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