Cafe Au Lait – Liane Spicer

Liane Spicer - Cafe Au Lait

Liane Spicer - Cafe Au Lait

Liane Spicer, a friend to this blog, will have her first novel, Cafe Au Liat, released by the international publishing house,  Dorchester in late August or early September. You can read Liane’s profile here and you can order the book on Amazon by clicking the next word, Amazon. I pre-ordered the books months ago and will not be lending my copy for at least a few months because there are too many people out there who believe in borrowing and not buying. I will not be encouraging this slackness. You can check out her perpetually interesting, author-friendly, blog at Wordtryst and tell her aka sent you.

5 thoughts on “Cafe Au Lait – Liane Spicer

  1. I have missed some interesting posts. I usually like Will Smith movies and look forward to seeing it on dvd–seldom go to the movie theater–.

    Storms, falling beauties, and theft….all very uplifting topics .

  2. Liane, you are welcome! I also have it up at 😉

    Onedia, thanks for dropping by again and I will check out your latest later today 🙂

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