Miss Universe 2008 – Some Random Thoughts

Miss USA Falls

Miss USA Falls...again

For the second year straight, the Miss USA contestant at the Miss Universe competition fell in front of a billion people. I see a dangerous trend emerging. This year, Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, tripped on her skirt that was either poorly designed or which she was poorly trained to negotiate in a competitive environment. I have said this before, and I will say it again, a long skirt will get a girl into more trouble than a short one. A short skirt will always get a man in trouble though. I don’t think Miss Stewart should be too embarrassed since she placed in the Top 15, unlike many of the other more stable contestants.

I am happy that the name of the competition is carded to be changed shortly to The Miss Universal Body and Brains Competition. Not only would the competition be renamed but contestants would be subjected to mandatory drug test to determine if contestants have been taking any IQ enhancing drugs and if not, why.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Anya Ayoung-Chee

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Anya Ayoung-Chee

Miss Trinidad and Tobago, the really beautiful Anya Ayoung-Chee, probably placed sixteenth in the random political process of selecting the fifteen. Like all the contestants, I am sure Miss Ayoung-Chee believed the Miss Universe franchise developed a system that selects the best candidate to stand like a statue in foreign countries and endorse layer after layer of makeup on face after face.

Miss Universe 2008 - Danyana Mendoza

Miss Universe 2008 - Dayana Mendoza

As much as I prefer our own Miss Trinidad and Tobago to win – just compare the photos above- it was about time our beauty-obsessed neighbor, Venezuela, produced a winner from their beauty factory. The next challenge for Trump would be to get Chavez to host the next Miss Universe competition while he builds a Trump Plaza in Sabana Grande.


11 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2008 – Some Random Thoughts

  1. Miss Universe was never a competition where the “best” won. How do you define “best.” I think the entire Miss Universe, and similar competitions, are just entertainment and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. By morning I had to log on to Yahoo and do a search to remember who won.

  2. I loved Anya ….. was really disappointed she didn’t place in the top 15 at least …… oh well ……

    and da fallin down ting ….. wud up wit dat ….. second year straight …… dat was ah real jumbie ….. I could not believe my eyes ….. it was like deja vu …… oh well again ….. ah tink da’is it fuh ‘sistas’ representin …… back tuh be barbie mold …..

  3. it was a real win for the beauty-queen factories 🙂 they should change the nature of the competition – include a “best plastic surgery” element, that would stay truer to the ideals of the top competitors 😀
    they were showing it on about 4 of the local channels here in Guyana…

  4. A well known newspaper columnist here ended up burning the gate at the venue of a beauty contest here. It creates a mixed response I think.

  5. wuzdescene, Anya is a very beautiful girl and she shouldn’t feel bad by not placing in the top “anything” since competitions like these are subjective to the point of being almost meaningless.

    chennette, “best plastic surgery” will go down well with the audience and you are right, it will stay true to the ideals of the competition 😉

    krissnp, I won’t burn any gate for a Miss Universe venue because the competitions don’t anger me. I just think they are a form of entertainment and very little else.

  6. Dayana looks like a racoon…..look at all that eyeliner in her eyes….it looks like a sharpie marker pass thru!!!!! But me, im Trini 2 d bone……Anya u deserved to be there…graceful and beautiful…..they dont kno what they missed out on!

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