Hancock – A Real Superhero


aka_lol: Two tickets for Handcock please.

Female Ticket seller: Handcock? You mean Hancock.

aka_lol: That is what I said, Handcock.

Female Ticket seller: The name is Hancock not Handcock.

aka_lol: Pleased to meet you Handcock, can I have two tickets please?

Female Ticket seller: Wait here sir while I get security.

aka_lol: That won’t be necessary, I feel very safe here.

Hancock scene

Off screen Entertainment

After a brief scuffle with security, I was eventually allowed to see Hancock, Will Smith’s latest offering. But, even before that I was entertained by looking at the four Venezuelan girls in the line of people who support the concession stand with their outrageous prices. – The concession stand’s prices. Each girl was more beautiful than the next with their leader appearing rather wild and young for a leader.

Venezuelan Girl: cuatro perritos calientes, por favor.

Concession Stand Seller: Waahh?

Hancock whale scene

The Review

Hancock is not your average superhero movie and there is a twist which I saw coming from early. Hancock is a very good movie because it confronts the reality of the consequences of having a superhero operating in a big US city, and the effects of the indiscriminate damage to public property in the pursuit of justice. Hancock also explores the taboo subject of superhero depression and alcohol abuse.

Everybody knows superheroes normally wear a costume to hide their identity from their girlfriends, aunts and bosses for theatrical reasons plus it distinguishes them from the general public, who only wear costumes at Halloween, Carnival and one night stands. Hancock points out that a costume might look gay with its tightness around the pelvic area but it is necessary if the superhero wants to create a better public image. The movie, Hancock, was loosely based on the movie Unbreakable as both had nearly unbreakable superheroes in nontraditional roles. Unbreakable certainly had more of a twist but Hancock was funnier with a surplus of remarkable special effects. To describe Hancock as a simply a funny movie is to miss the point that in order to make it big at the box-office serious themes must be hidden among special effects and humor. Hancock is much more than a summer popcorn cruncher. I am going to rate Hancock much better than Iron Man because I enjoyed it more since it had a decent amount of obscene language and an original theme. Aka’s rating for Hancock is 8 out of 10.

Hancock at the beginning


Hostage Taker: [Hancock arrives on the scene] Oh shit, Handjob!
Hancock: Yep, now just tell me what you need.
Hostage Taker: Well I need them to put those guns down.
Hancock: [to the cops] All right fellas just put the guns down.
Hostage Taker: Now I need you and that tight ass Wolverine outfit to get me outta here asshole!

9 thoughts on “Hancock – A Real Superhero

  1. OK ….. let’s go back tuh de ‘prelude’ …… is dat fuh real …. or yuh on kix? …… wha dey call security for? 🙂

  2. oh …. OK …… ah love it ….. ah love de “That won’t be necessary, I feel very safe here.” part 🙂

    ….. reminded me of a true story I was related recently ….. where a friend of a friend who lives in the US ….. was involved in a car accident ….. with a midget …… and when the midget came out of the car …… he immediatley announced “I’M NOT HAPPY” …… to which the friend of de friend replied “SO WHICH ONE ARE YOU?” 🙂

  3. The funniest things happen in real life and I would have loved to see the expression on the midget’s face 🙂

    I never realized that midgets were allowed to drive, but then again midgets are only slightly shorter than short children and short children drive all the time.

  4. yeah …. that’s the same thing I thought ….. but yuh know AMERICA ….. anyting is possible ….. they make adjustments to the car …… to suit their size …..

    ….. but da’is wha you studyin …… I still studying which of de seven dwarfs de man really was 🙂

  5. I am in a country with such things as cinemas and went to see Hancock yesterday. I liked it, except for the constant close shots with (very slightly) wavering camera work which induced some nausea – that’s just my peculiarity though, it was the same with Titanic and the sinking ship and flashing lights …it might have been that I haven’t seen anything on a big screen in a looooong time.
    I do need to see it again though, because I liked the development of the movie (despite the gaps in real historical exposition – it was a good idea), and the actors and I’d like to think about something other than the nausea.

  6. I heard rumors that there were cinemas in that country and I am glad you confirmed this 🙂

    I never noticed the shaky camera work but stay clear of Cloverfield then. But Hancock does approach the superhero in an interesting way. Definitely a must see again type of movie.

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