The Trinidad and Tobago Crime Commodity

Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago, welcome to paradise…

Over the last seven days I had three friends who were victims of crime. One was robbed of his car and valuables in Chaguanas in broad daylight on a busy street. Another one was held up at a small, newly-opened fruit stall in Curepe, and the other had his car broken into in St. Augustine while he and his family were asleep. In the last case, the bandits fired two shots at my friend, with one of the bullets lodging into the wall, about one foot from my friend’s face.  The bandit fired at him because he had the nerve to look out the window to see why his car alarm went off. The police are yet to either make any headway or visit the crime scenes in all these cases. But then again, criminals don’t investigate their peers.

If you read the crime accounts above you might think that crime is out of control in Trinidad and Tobago. You wouldn’t be wrong. The amount of murders so far this year is just over 260, up from about 150 the year before and it is already one of the highest murder rates in the world.  The Prime Minister’s answer to this crime epidemic is somewhere between silence, ignorance and hosting two useless and completely unrelated conferences which will greatly inconvenience the population but boost his fragile ego. Regrettably, there is no end to the crime spate outside of calling Batman to battle the Joker.

However, all is not lost since out of crisis comes opportunity and here is one the Government should pounce on. Trinidad and Tobago can start something called crime tourism. Crime tourism can target two types of tourist. The first is the brave and daring tourists who want some adventure in their lives that is not easily found in their country. Adventure in the form of holdups, kidnappings, muggings and rapes can be offered by tour operators. The other class of tourist can be the criminals themselves who are fed up of being caught and brought to justice in their own country and want to practice their craft without obstruction. With eco tourism on its way out and polluted rivers and streets losing its charm, crime tourism is not only the way forward but an opportunity of a lifetime. The Government should waste no time on this new and innovative form of tourism remembering that the only thing they can do with the lemons they planted over the years is to make sugar-resistant lemonade.

14 thoughts on “The Trinidad and Tobago Crime Commodity

    • Looks like the warning to tourists should have been heeded…not hilarious at all, just sad and sadder…
      Police Say Machetes May Have Been Used In The Brutal Attack On A British Couple In Tobago….
      August 3rd 2009.

      Machetes may have been used in the attack on British Nationals Peter and Marion Greene.

      They were chopped during an attack at their Tobago home last Saturday afternoon.

      The Greene’s remain warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

      News center five understands Mr. Green remains in a serious condition while his wife is listed as satisfactory.

      They both had emergency surgery at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, after they were flown to Trinidad on Saturday.

      Investigators say the Green’s were chopped several times.

      The woman was seen outside the house by a passer-by at around two o’clock.

      She was bleeding and pleaded for help.

      Scarborough police were alerted and responded.

      Sixty-five year old Mr. Greene was found inside the house with wounds to his face and head.

      Police have made no arrests yet.

      A statement from the Police Service says Acting Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes is being supported by the special anti-crime unit and crime scene investigators who have returned to the scene.

      Police say at this time details of the attack have not yet been made available.

      Police wants anyone with information pertaining to the incident to call 639-2515 or 639-1200.

      Meanwhile, the National Security Ministry has reassured the British High Commission that the police are doing everything possible to find the attackers.

      Government is said to be treating the incident seriously.

      Ministers of Foreign Affairs, National Security, Tourism and Health are all said to be involved in the situation.

      There is an assurance that all agencies within the Ministry of National Security will be used to track down the offenders.

  1. A friend’s husband went through almost the exact scenario as your friend: asleep at night, car alarm goes off, pops head out window and… a bandit points a gun at him and tells him to get back inside and keep quiet. No shot was fired, but this was some years ago. Today it might have ended a little differently.

    My son moved to a new apartment a short time ago. The very first week the bandits struck and liberated the music setup in his car – speakers and all.

    There are so many stories I – along with every other Trini – could tell. My relatives never just drive home, open their gates and go in – they cruise by the house first, check the little side streets for strange cars, THEN go in, always on the alert for some sh** to break loose.

    Hilarious indeed. I can’t stop laughing.

  2. There’s so much beauty there — you and Liane are always showing it off — it’s a shame it has to be coupled with crime.

    (Sorry I haven’t been able to visit the blog as much as I’d like. They blocked all WordPress sites at work. Apparently they don’t understand how you help my productivity.)

  3. I didn’t realize your employer decided to have you work without the necessary productivity tools in this competitive environment. I think this is sad.

    As I was about to type this I heard no less than seven gunshots in the distance, followed by a police siren about five minutes later. I wish I was making this up.

  4. One of my friends went to Tobago and was attacked and robbed on her first night there. She and her friend got off lucky, even though he did his best to rape he did not succeed, they got off with just some valuables stolen and a serious case of PTSD. They are both American and were living in Trinidad, needless to say they both left soon thereafter.

    The strangest crime wave hitting my area is that rottweilers are being stolen, four that I know off have been made off with…ROTTWEILERS! Even your guard dogs are not safe. We have arrived folks, we have well and truly arrived.

  5. Nobody is safe in Trinidad and Tobago and nobody feels safe. It’s very unfortunate what happened to your friend in Tobago and I am beginning to realize it is not uncommon now. Even Tobago is not a safe haven. The one thing we are sure about is that the authorities would prefer to hide incidents of crime from the public since they cannot and don’t want do anything more about it.

    Stealing Roths is a sad sign of our society of degenerates.

  6. i have just been offered a job in trinidad and was going to come, for a better life, with my three young children…is it safe for us?

  7. If you are coming from the war zone in Iraq or Afghanistan then Trinidad would be safer. Trinidad might even be safer than Zimbabwe, Pakistan or even Jamaica. But crime isn’t the only problem. Everything is worse that it was the day before. There isn’t one thing that is getting better but when I do find something good or better I will let this blog know.

  8. i am a foreigner visiting this country for tenth time. Over the weekend i was in the community of Rio claro and witnessed the complete abuse of a young man by four police officer. Sitted in the home of some relatives i noticed a police vehicle approching, a young man sat near the road alone apparantly on teh phone. He didn’t have a minute to say a word or move he was just brutally attacked. Later on that evening my aunty informed me taht the young man was charged for the posession of marijuana. I was in a state of shock, this was happening right before my eyes and i saw no such thing . I was later told by my relatives taht the police officer went by the name of “PARKER” and that he was above the law . In a country where a few years ago i felt safe and visited at every opportunity i got, i can now safely say i see where the crime comes from. The very same people who are entrusted to enforce laws and safety are themselves breaking them.I can also safely say i will never visit this country again and i entend to spread teh word this is madness!!!!!!!!

  9. Daisy…in a word..DON’T.

    It is unsafe. I wish I wish making this up. As foreigners, you and your family will be especially targeted. I’ve returned from a week ‘vacation’ (some vacation! I spent half my time figuring out how to fortify myguesthose room doors with the furniture…no joke) in T&T that I cut short due to the obviously terrible crime situation…

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