Why Do people Love to Hate M. Night Shyamalan

Why do so many people love to hate M. Night Shyamalan is more a mystery than why trees want to kill people in Philadelphia. Some say Shyamalan is hated because he is different, and that could be true. Some say he is hated because his movies are lousy, but that will always be debatable.

As detractors predicted, his latest movie, The Happening, did not get the blessings from most critics since the movie’s main character couldn’t turn green, fly with a suit of amour, or even spin a web between two buildings. Critics of The Happening took note of this abnormality and made sure to condemn M. Night in their reviews as if he was the cause of the war in Iraq or for Obama beating Hillary. Unfortunately, M. Night is not in the habit of blowing up things or having actors and actresses show more skin than character, which can be exasperating for those who have come to expect otherwise. It appears that M. Night does not conform to the rules of Hollywood and for this his critics and hate wishers want him to pay. What is interesting is that there are probably an equal number of people, not critics, loving as well as hating M. Night, which production studios have noted.

Critics have an important role to play in forming public opinion on movies and are the unsung heroes of the popcorn industry. However, last weekend, these critics’ vocal and premeditated dislike for anything Shyamalan spiked public curiosity to the point where The Happening made over $30 million on its opening weekend in the US plus an additional $32 million internationally, thus causing his critics to throw even bigger tantrums.

11 thoughts on “Why Do people Love to Hate M. Night Shyamalan

  1. Firstly, I do not *hate* M Night, as i have never met him. However, he annoys me immensely, not because his movies are lousy (which i believe they are, but thats not a valid reason to dislike someone), because he is extremely arrogant.

    Seriously, the dudes about half a mile up his own arse.

  2. I personally like every one of his movies. I know nothing about him as a person other than a few items here or there. His movies are well crafted with stories worth telling that provoke (or should ) us to think because nothing is as it seems in his films.

    Perhaps some people prefer films that require less thinking and less of a demand for paying attention so that nothing is missed. I like his films also because I can see them multiple times and not be bored. He is as gifted as Hitchcock with a very modern perspective on ageless issues. I look forward to seeing Happening when it comes to netflix as I seldom go to the theater to see films.

  3. The issue is that reviewers are reviewing Shyamalan more than his movies. If, say The Happening, was directed by an unknown director would it get the reviews it did? I would say no. Just read the reviews and you would see the critics and reviewers in general are going out of their way to target Shyamalan. But this is show biz and even the mass criticism is part of the entertainment industry that makes it entertaining 😉

  4. It is because we live in an age where stupid people are everywhere and it is easier for them to digest movies where a lot of bullets come flying out of a lot of guns or where three quarters of jessica alba’s ass is hanging out of her thong bikini.

    And its so damn obvious that the criticism thrown at M Night’s movies are all biased.

    We live in sad times.

  5. I don’t really “hate” the guy, but he annoys me because he steals ideas from other forms of media that never became successful and he claims to have created them.

    It’s like a plagiarism we never caught. The Sixth Sense wasn’t originally his. I saw an episode on “Are you afraid of the dark?” with the very same twist. (Shyamalan is known for making twists in his movies) Not a lot of people saw that episode so when he “borrowed” the idea and made a movie out of it, people praise him for being so original and so creative– it makes me sick.

    The Village was not his also but on the movie, there’s a line there that says “Written, Produced and Directed by M. Night Shyamalan” but the whole idea wasn’t even his and you call this guy creative? POOHOO.

    I bet Lady in the Water was the only story he wrote and not a lot of people even liked it.

  6. What movies in Hollywood are truly original? Every movie takes elements from previously successful ideas and builds on them. Why do you think there are so many remakes. Look at Titanic do think everything in that movie was original. They remade that movie so many times with the same ideas.

  7. He’s a total douchebag, his movies are all about his own filmmaking style only (that’s why they’re all the same) and doesn’t seem to want to be more adaptable and fair!

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