Movietowne – Living in the Past

Movietowne back in time

Today is the 8th June, 2008 and Movietowne is advertising on their website, and also on the newspapers, that Karaoke night at the Movietowne mall is June the 6th. But this is not the first time Movietowne has outdated information on their website. Their lapses are frequent and this is just the latest. About a year ago Movietowne’s website ran an ad for a sidewalk sale at the mall for several months after the two-day sale ended. This is sad since it doesn’t give site visitors much confidence in the information available. I have become very doubtful about, not only the show times for movies, but even which movies are being shown. Sometimes I call just to be sure. I emailed Movietowne about these lapses on at least two occasions but I never received any acknowledgement other than being repeatedly put on their mailing list for show times. Maybe next time I email them they may invite me to a back-in-time karaoke night. What is even more worrisome is that the errors weren’t even fixed. Needless to say, the show times being emailed are sometimes different from the newspaper ads. This is not an all out criticism of the way the Cineplex is run since the Cineplex is first class, but I only wish the management could appreciate how important accurate information is to customers who are willing to help them make their loan payments.

3 thoughts on “Movietowne – Living in the Past

  1. I’ve hated going to their site ever since I first tried signing up for the mailing list. I never received an email and whenever I tried signing up, it told me I was already signed up. This went on for a while because I like to harrass myself. I still go to Movietowne when I can, I just don’t trust their electronic output on the web.

  2. I don’t think companies like Movietowne fully understand the importance of a web presence. Don’t worry too much since you are better off without their email notifications.

    Directv Caribbean sported a dated website for years but recently it has become relevant. Their website only works well with Internet Explorer though. Caribbean Cinemas doesn’t look too bad –

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