The Trinidad and Tobago Economy – Piling it on

The fact that people are being robbed and murdered is being nullified by the local economy doing well. So said one of the latest politicians to roam and pillage the land. In a booming economy concrete piles are more important than people and it is only after an election people begin to realize their true worthlessness.  Although the economy is doing well and the police would rather escort the piles than serve the people for overtime reasons, I am certain the economy will soon crash. That is why I can be seen stocking up on hot hops and sardines on the weekends. I am basing my economic prediction, not on a feeling, but on newspaper commentaries, comments by the Governor of the Central Bank and the imbecilic looks on the faces of those in the Ministry of Finance. These are all sure signs that we won’t need an earthquake to look up to the Hyatt and bawl. Maybe I will be proven wrong and the economy won’t collapse but hopefully that won’t prevent the piles from ending up where they truly belong.

3 thoughts on “The Trinidad and Tobago Economy – Piling it on

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  2. There’s something incredibly vulgar about all those shiny glass towers soaring higher and higher while vagrants eat, sleep, urinate, defecate and die on the pavements at their feet. Not to mention the daily horror of the murders that won’t stop and the services that won’t serve.

    Progress, progress.

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