New Photos from Trinidad – Before The Planet Was Destroyed by Greed and Ignorance

A Yellow Poui in bloom at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago

I included two new but short photo albums at my photo-website, I added the latest album yesterday and it’s a new St. Augustine (my home) album. The photos in this album are made up of back-yard photographs and some photos from UWI. In my usual incomprehensible style, I called the album A Day In St. Augustine – Trinidad.


Mount St. Benedict - Trinidad

I also added a new Mt. St. Benedict album and I took all these photos in less than an hour because it was a gloomy and hot evening and I was on foot, hiking from home. I am by no stretch of anybody’s imagination a religious person but I like hiking up to The Mount and I like taking photographs of the buildings there. I have a friend who says he cannot look at these Mt. St. Benedict pictures because his religion doesn’t allow him to.

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9 thoughts on “New Photos from Trinidad – Before The Planet Was Destroyed by Greed and Ignorance

  1. Love the luscious green lizard; what a beauty. Also love the views of the house tops. All those stunning colors that look so wonderful in the warm climates. Makes me want to explore your island.

  2. I spent the weekend with my son and we were talking cameras and photography. Actually he was doing most of the talking because he knows a hell of a lot more than I do. I mentioned and he said: Yeah, I visit there. Made me smile that my son and I were hanging out in some of the same places.

    Don’t look like that. It’s a mom thing.

  3. I love The Mount, and I have a friend from St. Augustine who haunts the place. Haven’t been there since my honeymoon, though, which I spent in floods of tears in the guest house there.

    Don’t ask. I don’t know why. All I’ll say in my defence is that I have a friend whose wife also cried right through their honeymoon. They’re still happily (I think) married after about 25 years. I’m not.

    Lovely photos.

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  5. Thanks sumatrawind. We in the tropics take the warm colors for granted but the island is worth exploring. I have more photos of the iguana and will probably post them during the week.

    Liane, it’s good for Mom and Son to hang out in the same places but maybe not at at the same time 😉 I am always happy when people visit my website and The Mount photos are some of the more popular ones. They even compete with the Carnival photos 🙂

    The Pax Guest House at the Mount is not good for honeymooners since honeymooners are not famous for peace and quiet. I hope your tears were tears of happiness and excitement 😉 The happiness experienced during a honeymoon may not predict the happiness of a marriage.

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